Zagaran Pass

Coordinates: 36°20′33″N 72°48′14″E / 36.34250°N 72.80389°E / 36.34250; 72.80389
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Zagaran Pass
Elevation5,005 m (16,421 ft)
RangeHindukush Mountains
Coordinates36°20′33″N 72°48′14″E / 36.34250°N 72.80389°E / 36.34250; 72.80389

The Zagaran Pass (el. 16,420 ft.) is a high mountain pass that connects Yarkhun River valley in Chitral District to the Gupis valley in Gilgit-Baltistan.[1]

The pass is about 3 miles southwest from Bahushtar Zom peak (5704 m) and about 5 miles east-southeast from Malo Zom peak (5652 m). The border between Chitral and Northern Areas runs through the pass. The top of the pass is on the rapidly retreating glacier. 5 miles to the east of the pass is the valley of Bakhushtaro river that flows southeast for 12 miles up to its confluence with Ghizar river some 6 miles west of village Pinal. To the west of the pass is an unnamed westward directed valley that after 15 miles ends at Yarkhun river some 5 miles northeast of town Mastuj.


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