Zagatala State Reserve

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Zagatala State Reserve

Zagatala State Reserve was established on 252 km² of Zagatala and Balakan districts in the central part of the southern slopes of the Caucasus; in Azerbaijan. [1]

The territory of the reserve has been altered for several times and gradually reached 238 km². The reserve aims to protect Sub-Alpine plants of southern slopes of the Major Caucasus and the natural complexes of Alpine and nival zones. The reserve is famous for such ancient plants as rhododendron, cherry-laurel, blackberry, maple, fern, etc. It also has a rich fauna, that includes among others the Syrian brown bear, Indian wolf, red fox, forest cat, Caucasian lynx, squirrel, weasel, etc. are found in this reserve. [1]

In 2005-2006 there were suggestions to expand the reserve territory of the Zagatala State Reserve. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources had announced that they had confirmed to expand Zagatala State Reserve in 2007.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 41°48′07″N 46°37′40″E / 41.80194°N 46.62778°E / 41.80194; 46.62778