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ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival
ZagrebDox 2008 masthead
LocationZagreb, Croatia
AwardsVeliki pečat
Mali pečat
No. of films104 (2019)[1]

ZagrebDox is an international documentary film festival taking place in Zagreb every year, in late February / early March. Launched in 2005, the festival is intended to provide audiences and experts insight into recent documentary films, stimulate national documentary production and boost international and regional cooperation in co-productions. ZagrebDox is a specialised festival that presents the best creative documentary films whose imaginative form and choice of topics make it unique in Croatia and Europe.

The festival's competition program has international and regional categories. The international competition presents the best auteur and creative documentary films from the world made and produced in the past year, with a focus on everything that is new, brave, off mainstream and intrepid. The regional competition program consists of the films from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia. The fact that ZagrebDox lays great stress on the regional program makes it additionally attractive for all those who want to look into the latest regional production.

Besides the competition program, ZagrebDox has a number of non-competition programs – retrospectives and films focused on specific subjects, genres, techniques and aesthetics.

Essential part of the festival is ZagrebDox Pro, a training programme consisting of a preparatory workshop for creative documentary projects in different stages of development and production, a Pitching Forum and individual meetings. The four-day workshop is tailored for professional director/producer teams. In some cases, teams can also be joined by the screenwriter, cinematographer or editor, but a director and/or a producer must be present.

The festival is organised by a Zagreb-based film production company Factum, and is usually held in February. As of 2019, the festival has featured more than 2,000 films, which were seen by approximately 290,000 visitors.[1]


Prizes are awarded in the following categories:

Official Awards[edit]

Big Stamp Award (Veliki pečat) : for Best Film in International Competition Programme

Big Stamp Award (Veliki pečat) : for Best Film in Regional Competition Programme

Little Stamp Award (Mali pečat): for Best Film by a young author of up to 35 years of age

HT Audience Award: for Best Film Audience Choice

Special Awards[edit]

Movies that Matter Award: for film that best promotes human rights

Teen Dox Award: for best film about issues concerning the young. The award is given by a special jury consisting of male and female students from a single high school

FIPRESCI Award: or best film in Regional Competition

The award of the International Federation of Film Critics – FIPRESCI Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique, the oldest and most prestigious film critics association, with members from around fifty countries. The award is of great importance among film authors.

My Generation Award: The award for a film by My Generation filmmaker is an award dedicated to those filmmakers who have, often in a quiet and unassuming manner, achieved great quality of work and whose presence has been crucial to documentary film for years, even decades. The filmmakers without whom there would be no documentary film. Awarded by Nenad Puhovski, the founder and Director of ZagrebDox.

The awards (except the special ones) include a statue and a diploma. The Festival Jury can also award Special Mentions consisting of a diploma.

Award winners[edit]

International competition[edit]

Year English title Original title Director(s) Country
2005 The 3 Rooms of Melancholia Melancholian 3 huonetta Pirjo Honkasalo Finland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden
2006 Before Flying Back to Earth Prieš parskrendant į žemę Arūnas Matelis Lithuania, Germany
2007 Civil Status Grajdanskoe sostoianie Alina Rudnitskaya Russia
2008 War/Dance Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine United States
2009 Lady Kul El Arab ליידי כל אל ערב Ebtisam Mara’ana Israel
2010 Petition Shangfang Zhao Liang China, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Finland
2011 Position Among the Stars Stand van de Sterren Leonard Retel Helmrich Netherlands, Indonesia
2012 Returns Powroty Krzysztof Kadlubowski Poland
2013 Kudzu Vine Josh Gibson United States
2014 The Last Station La Última Estación Cristian Soto and Catalina Vergara Chile
2015 Virunga Orlando von Einsiedel United Kingdom, Congo
2016 Poet on a Business Trip Shi ren chu chai le Anqi Ju China
2017 The Dazzling Light of Sunset Salomé Jashi Georgia, Germany
2018 Of Fathers and Sons Talal Derki Germany, Syria, Lebanon
2019 Up the Mountain Huo Shan Yang Zhang China

Regional competition[edit]

Year English title Original title Director(s) Country
2005 Images from the Corner Slike sa ugla Jasmila Žbanić Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany
2006 Totally Personal Sasvim lično Nedžad Begović Bosnia and Herzegovina
2007 Europe Next Door Evropa preko plota Želimir Žilnik Serbia and Montenegro
2008 Weddings and Diapers Darsmat dhe pampersat Casey Cooper Johnson and Antoneta Kastrati Kosovo
2009 The Caviar Connection Kavijar konekšn Dragan Nikolić Serbia
2010 Totò Peter Schreiner Austria
2011 Trials, Tribulations & Sustainable Growth of a Cock Život, priključenija i održivi razvoj jednog kokota Vladimir Perović Montenegro
2012 A Day on the Drina Jedan dan na Drini Ines Tanović Bosnia and Herzegovina
2013 Tzvetanka Youlian Tabakov Bulgaria, Sweden
2014 Sacro GRA Gianfranco Rosi Italy, France
2015 Cain's Children Káin gyermekei Marcell Gerö Hungary, France
2016 4.7 Đuro Gavran Croatia
2017 Depth Two Dubina dva Ognjen Glavonić Serbia
2018 The Other Side of Everything Druga strana svega Mila Turajlić Serbia, France, Qatar
2019 Una primavera Una primavera Valentina Primavera Germany, Austria, Italy

Best Young Director[edit]

Year English title Original title Director(s) Country
2005 Life in Peace Mirnaya zhizn Antoine Cattin and Pavel Kostomarov Switzerland, Russia
2006 The Angelmakers Astrid Bussink Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom
2007 Grandmothers of Revolution Babice revolucije Petra Seliškar Macedonia, Netherlands, Cuba, Slovenia
2008 Audience of One Michael Jacobs United States
2009 On the Way to School İki Dil Bir Bavul Ozgür Dogan and Orhan Eskikoy Turkey
2010 Chasm Otchłań Wojciech Kasperski Poland
2011 Charcoal Burners Smolarze Piotr Zlotorowicz Poland
2012 The Will Testamentet Christian Sønderby Jepsen Denmark
2013 Turn Off the Lights Lumea in patratele Ivana Mladenović Romania
2014 The Special Need Carlo Zoratti Germany, Italy, France, Austria
2015 Another Hungary – The Life of a Village – Fragments Másik Magyarország - Töredékek egy falu hétköznapjaiból Dénes Nagy Hungary
2016 Above and Below Nicolas Steiner Switzerland, Germany, United States
2017 Depth Two Dubina dva Ognjen Glavonić Serbia
2018 Over the Limit Marta Prus Poland, Germany, Finland
2019 Still Recording Lissa ammetsajjel Saeed Al Batal, Ghiath Ayoub France, Germany, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria

Audience Award[edit]

Year English title Original title Director(s) Country
2005 Direkt (40) Without Dad Direkt (40) Bez tate Nebojša Slijepčević Croatia
Children of the Decree Das Experiment 770 - Gebären auf Befehl Razvan Georgescu and Florin Iepan Romania, Germany
2006 Wasn't awarded
2007 Blue Blood Stevan Riley United Kingdom
2008 All White in Barking Marc Isaacs United Kingdom
2009 The English Surgeon Geoffrey Smith United Kingdom
2010 People from the Milky Way Ljudi s mliječnog puta Miroslav Mikuljan Croatia
The Destiny of Line 13 Sudbina broja 13 Irena Škorić
2011 Waste Land Lucy Walker Brazil, United Kingdom
2012 Family Meals Nije ti život pjesma Havaja Dana Budisavljević Croatia
2013 Gangster of Love Gangster te voli Nebojša Slijepčević Croatia, Germany, Romania
2014 Dear Lastan! Dragi Lastane! Irena Škorić Croatia
2015 I Like That Super Most Best Lijepo mi je s tobom, znaš Eva Kraljević Croatia
2016 Twilight of a Life Ad ktze ha'zrikha Sylvain Biegeleisen Belgium, Israel
2017 The Eagle Huntress Otto Bell United Kingdom, Mongolia, United States
2018 The Other Side of Everything Druga strana svega Mila Turajlić Serbia, France, Qatar
2019 Neighbors Susjedi Tomislav Žaja Croatia

Lifetime Achievement Award[edit]

(The Lifetime Achievement Award (Počasni pečat) was introduced at the 2009 edition, for outstanding contribution to documentary filmmaking)

Special awards[edit]

Apart from the regular categories, the festival sometimes awards special prizes, often related to themes of a particular festival edition.

Year Award Film Director
Best film in the
Sports and Music theme program
The Human Hambone
United States Mark Morgan
International Critics' Jury Award
United States Ricki Stern &
United States Anne Sundberg

United States Michael Jacobs
United Kingdom Marc Isaacs
Movies That Matter Award
Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country
(Burma VJ: Reporter i et lukket land)
Denmark Anders Østergaard
Movies That Matter Award
The Tinniest Place
Mexico Tatiana Huezo
Movies That Matter Award
Denmark Joshua Oppenheimer
Movies That Matter Award
Russia Vitaly Mansky
Movies That Matter Award
United States Andrew Droz Palermo &
United States Tracy Droz Tragos


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