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Sljeme Radio and Television Tower
Radiotelevizijski toranj Sljeme
General information
TypeCommunications tower
Observation tower
LocationSljeme summit, Medvednica, Croatia
Coordinates45°53′58″N 15°56′53″E / 45.89944°N 15.94806°E / 45.89944; 15.94806Coordinates: 45°53′58″N 15°56′53″E / 45.89944°N 15.94806°E / 45.89944; 15.94806
OwnerOdašiljači i veze
Antenna spire78 meters (256 ft)
Roof92 meters (302 ft)
Design and construction
Structural engineerKrešimir Šavor
Main contractorGP Tehnika

Zagreb TV Tower (or Sljeme transmitter) is a 169-metre (563 ft) tall TV and radio tower built of reinforced concrete on the summit of the 1035 metre (3450 ft) tall peak Sljeme of the Medvednica mountain north of Zagreb, Croatia.

Zagreb TV Tower was built in 1973. It is not open to public, although at 75-metre (246 ft) level there is a space for a foreseen tower restaurant.

On 4 October 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence, the tower was a target of a Yugoslav Air Force attack. The tower was bombed at 16:10 and as a consequence the entire fourth and fifth floors and a portion of the third floor sustained heavy damage, rendering the tower unusable. Two staff members present at the time of the attack were not hurt as they took shelter at the base of the tower. It took three months to repair the damage. During that time the television programme was broadcast via several low-power transmitters located within Zagreb itself and on top of the Medvednica Mountain. The alternate transmitters were already in position at the time because an attack against the tower was considered possible.[1]

There are some speculations about the opening of the tower restaurant, as a part of the "Sljeme" project, which includes building of the new ski-tracks, and an extension of the cable car line.

January 2017
Summer 2010


Broadcaster RDS PS RDS PI ERP
Antenna diagram
round (ND) /
pointed (D)
horizontal (H) /
vertical (V)
88,1 Hrvatski radio - Radio Sljeme HRT-SLJE C31C 5 D (50°-90°)
D (130°-140°)
D (180°-200°)
D (240°-250°)
D (290°-310°)
89,7 Antena Zagreb _ANTENA_ C30D 4,7
92,1 Hrvatski radio - 1. program HRT-HR_1 C201 120 ND
98,5 Hrvatski radio - 2. program HRT-HR_2 C202 ND
101,0 Radio 101 RADIO101 C30E D (40°-330°)
103,5 Hrvatski katolički radio _+_HKR_+ C204 ND


Experimental test transmission until November 2018.[2][3]

Channel Frequency
Multiplex Programs[4] RDS PS ERP
Radiation pattern
non-directional/omnidirectinal (ND)
directional (D)
horizontal (H)
vertical (V)
9C 206,352 OIV DEMO
  • Radio 808
  • Radio Kaj
  • Sjeverni FM
  • Radio Koprivnica
  • Radio Istra
  • Antena Zagreb
  • Zagorski radio
  • Narodni radio
  • Radio Dalmacija
  • Radio Banovina
  • Enter Zagreb
  • Trend Radio
  • Radio Martin
  • Soundset Trsat
  • Radio 101
  • Radio808
  • RadioKaj
  • Sjeverni
  • Kopriv
  • Istra
  • Antena
  • Zagorski
  • Narodni
  • RadDalma
  • Banovina
  • Zagreb
  • Trend
  • Martin
  •  ?
  • Radio101
5 ND H

DAB broadcast from this transmitter has been received several times in south-west Slovakia, 300km away.[5]

Digital television (DVB-T/T2)[edit]

Channel Frequency 
Multiplex Programmes ERP 
Antenna diagram
non-directional (ND) /
directional (D)
horizontal (H) /
vertical (V)
Modulation FEC Guard interval Bitrate
25 506 DVB-T MUX A 100 ND H 64-QAM
3/4 1/4 22,394
28 530 evotv
100 ND H 256-QAM
(32K OFDM)
2/3 19/256 40,214
42 642 DVB-T MUX D 100 D (100°-360°) H 64-QAM
5/6 1/4 24,882
48 690 DVB-T MUX B 100 ND H 64-QAM
3/4 1/4 22,394
53 730 evotv
100 ND H 256-QAM
(32K OFDM)
2/3 19/256 40,214

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