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Zagreb Zoo
Zagreb Zoo map.jpg
Zagreb Zoo map
Date opened June 27, 1925
Coordinates 45°49′22″N 16°1′19″E / 45.82278°N 16.02194°E / 45.82278; 16.02194Coordinates: 45°49′22″N 16°1′19″E / 45.82278°N 16.02194°E / 45.82278; 16.02194
Land area 5.5 ha (14 acres)
7 ha (17 acres) including lakes and ponds
No. of animals 2,225
No. of species 275
Annual visitors 350,000[1]
Memberships EAZA, WAZA

Zagreb Zoo (Croatian: Zološki vrt grada Zagreba) is a 7-hectare (17-acre) zoo located within Maksimir Park in Zagreb, Croatia and is literally across the street from Zagreb's Stadion Maksimir, where major football matches are played and rock concerts take place.[2] It is one of three zoo parks in the country.

Zagreb Zoo is a member of both the European[3] and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums[4] and is a participant in the European Endangered Species Programme.[2]


Lions in Zagreb Zoo

The zoo opened its doors on June 27, 1925. Reconstruction of the old zoo began in 1990.[5] In October 2016. first part of the Zoo reconstruction and modernization was finished.


The zoo is home to 2,225 animals representing 275 species, including snow leopard, red panda, okapi, addax, scimitar oryx, North China leopard, common chimpanzee, Diana monkey, wisent, pygmy hippopotamus, and Bactrian camel.[2]


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