Zagreb local elections, 2009

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Zagreb mayoral election, 2009
← 2005 17 May 2009 2013 →
  Dan OSRH Milan Bandic 28052011 2.jpg
Candidate Milan Bandić Josip Kregar
Party SDP Independent
Popular vote 149,991 88,832
Percentage 61.84% 36.62%

Zagreb local elections 2009.png
Results of the second round in all districts of Zagreb: the candidate with the majority of votes in each administrative division:
  Milan Bandić   Josip Kregar

Mayor before election

Milan Bandić

Elected Mayor

Milan Bandić

Coat of arms
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On 17 May 2009, local elections were held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The incumbent mayor was Milan Bandić (elected in 2005), a representative of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP), also the leading party in the previous city council. Bandić was reelected mayor in the second round of the elections with 61.84% of the votes.

Mayor election[edit]

First round[edit]

Candidate Party Votes %
Milan Bandić Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP)
Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU)
146,021 48.54%
Josip Kregar independent candidate 69,744 23.18%
Jasen Mesić Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)
Croatian Peasant Party (HSS)
Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS)
39,623 13.17%
Tatjana Holjevac independent candidate 17,616 5.86%
Miroslav Rožić independent candidate 11,693 3.89%
Zlatko Klarić Action of Social Democrats of Croatia (ASH)
Democratic Party of Pensioners (DSU)
4,869 1.62%
Antun Kljenak Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) 4,377 1.45%
Stipe Tojčić independent candidate 1,164 0.39%

Second round[edit]

Candidate Party Votes %
Milan Bandić Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP)
Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU)
149,991 61.84%
Josip Kregar independent candidate 88,832 36.62%

Council election[edit]

Party or coalition Votes % Seats
Social Democratic Party of Croatia 97,678 33.34% 21
Croatian Party of Pensioners 3
Croatian Democratic Union 54,006 18.43% 7
Croatian Peasant Party 4
Croatian Social Liberal Party 2
Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats
Alliance of Croatian Pensioners and Seniors
23,981 8.18% 5
Independent list - dr. sc. Velimir Srića 23,384 7.98% 5
Independent list - mr. sc. Tatjana Holjevac, dipl. ing. 18,712 6.39% 4

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