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The Zagyva near Szolnok
Country Hungary
Basin features
Main source Nógrád County
River mouth Tisza in Szolnok
47°10′21″N 20°12′08″E / 47.1724°N 20.2023°E / 47.1724; 20.2023Coordinates: 47°10′21″N 20°12′08″E / 47.1724°N 20.2023°E / 47.1724; 20.2023
Progression TiszaDanubeBlack Sea
Basin size 5,677 km2 (2,192 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 179 km (111 mi)
  • Average rate:
    9 m3/s (320 cu ft/s)
The Zagyva meets the Tisza River in Szolnok.

The Zagyva is a river in Hungary. Its length is 179 km, and drains an area of about 5,677 km². The source is near Salgótarján in Nógrád county. It flows through the towns of Bátonyterenye, Pásztó, Hatvan and Jászberény and flows into the Tisza at Szolnok. Average discharge at Szolnok is 9 m³/s.