Zahlé District

Coordinates: 33°50′48″N 35°53′51″E / 33.8468°N 35.8976°E / 33.8468; 35.8976
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قضاء زحلة
Location in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Country Lebanon
 • Total164 sq mi (425 km2)
 • Total300,000
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Zahlé District (Arabic: قضاء زحلة) is an administrative district of the Beqaa Governorate of the Republic of Lebanon. Its capital and largest town is the town of the same name. A reed-roofed town set among the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine. Zahle was founded about 300 years ago in an area whose past reaches back some five millennia.[1]

Religion in the Zahle District

  Christianity (55%)
  Sunni Islam (28%)
  Shia Islam (16%)
  Druze (1%)

Main cities and towns[edit]


The Zahlé district is one of the most diverse regions in Lebanon. Roughly 55% of the population is of the Christian religion, with a decent portion being Greek Catholic. The remaining 45% of the population is of the Muslim religion, which the majority belongs to the Sunni and a minority of Shiite denominations. The area is also home to a modest Armenian Orthodox and Catholic population, who have historically resided near the Anjar area of the district.

Kabelias municipal garden, Zahlé District

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33°50′48″N 35°53′51″E / 33.8468°N 35.8976°E / 33.8468; 35.8976