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Zahra Al-Harazi (born c. 1971[1]) was born in Uganda, subsequently moving to Canada where she became a business woman. She is the founder and director of Foundry Communications.

Early life and education[edit]

Zahra Al-Harazi was born in Yemen. She immigrated to Canada in 1996 with her children.[2] Al-Harazi taught ESL at the Yemen American Language Institute until 1995.

Al-Harazi received her Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta.


In 2006 Al-Harazi started Foundry Communications, with her business partner.[2] Al-Harazi is now sole owner and Creative Director of Foundry Communications.[3][4]

During her career Al-Harazi acquired a high profile[5] and was named Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Chatelaine (2011),[6] and has also been described by the Women's Executive Network as one of the most powerful women in Canada.[7]

Al-Harazi has given spoken before institutions such as Young Women of Influence,[8] Ace Nationals,[9] The Globe and Mail business conference, the Toronto Board of Trade, and Mount Royal University.[10]

Al-Harazi has written in the Financial Post' about how her experiences and how her identity have shaped her.[11]


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