Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan

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Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan
Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa (Nawab of Bengal)
Shuja ul-Mulk (Hero of the country)
Mubarak ud-Daulah (Auspicious to the state)
Ali Jah (Of Higher Rank)
Feroze Jang (Victor in War)
Ali Jah.jpg
Nawab Nazim Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan of Bengal.
Reign 5 June 1810 – 6 August 1821
Coronation 5 June 1810
Predecessor Baber Ali Khan
Successor Ahmad Ali Khan
Died 6 August 1821
Issue 3 daughters
Dynasty Najafi
Father Baber Ali Khan
Mother Babbu Begum
Religion Islam

Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan (died August 6, 1821), better known as Ali Jah was the Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. He succeeded his father, Baber Ali Khan after his death on April 28, 1810.[1] He was succeeded by his half-brother, Ahmad Ali Khan, after his death.


Early years[edit]

Zain-ud-Din, was the eldest son of Baber Ali Khan by his wife, Babbu Begum. His coronation was on June 5, 1810

Death and succession[edit]

He died on August 6, 1821, leaving only three daughters but no son. He was succeeded by his half-brother, Ahmad Ali Khan


Principal wives[edit]

Mut‘ah wives[edit]


  • H.H. Nawab Khurshid Mahal Umdat-un-nisa Begum Sahiba, born at Mubarak Mahal, Murshidabad in 1810, the daughter of Azim-un-nisa Khanum. She married Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah, her first cousin and the only son of her uncle, Ahmad Ali Khan and Najib-un-nisa Begum Sahiba on February 22, 1826
  • Sahibzadi Husaini Begum daughter of Bibi Lutf-un-nisa
  • Sahibzadi Wazir-un-nisa Begum daughter of Bibi Zinat-un-nisa


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Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan
Born: (Unknown) Died: August 6, 1821
Preceded by
Baber Ali Khan
Nawab of Bengal
5 June 1810 – 6 August 1821
Succeeded by
Ahmad Ali Khan