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Mughal troopers and their various contingents were under the command of Zain Khan Sirhindi. the Mughal Faujdar of Sirhind, during the Third Battle of Panipat.

Zain-ud-Din Khan, Zain Khan Sirhindi, Zain Khan of Sirhind, (died 1764) was the Mughal Faujdar of Sirhind, he was a serviceman of Shah Alam II, an ally of Najib-ud-Daula and Ahmad Shah Durrani. Zain Khan Sirhindi fought during the Third Battle of Panipat and strengthened Mughal rule in the region.

Zain Khan was a Sipah Salar and a great noble at the court of Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali). After the conquest of Delhi by that Monarch, he held the Subahdarship of Sirhind.

In Ahmad Shah Durrani's reign, Zain Khan, one of the leading men in the Mohmand tribe and the ancestor of the Morcha Khel section, was recognized as Khan of Lalpura, and had 12 villages made over to him.

In January 1764, Ahmad Shah Durrani led his sixth expedition to assist Sadat Yar Khan of Doab and Zain Khan Sirhindi and his Mughal Army which was later overrun outside Sirhind, by 36,000 Sikh rebels led by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, who plundered Lahore and the upper Doab.[1][2]


Zain Khan Sirhindi was defeated and killed by the Sikhs in the Battle of Sirhind (1764).[3][4]


Zain Khan was originally from the Khan Khel (family) of Lalpura Mohmands. His direct descendants are traced in the book "The Mohmands" by W. R. H. Merk. Living male descendants in 2017 are Arif Majid Mohmand, Azhar Majid Mohmand, Ibrahim Rashad, and their children.

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