Zak Greant

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Zak Greant
Zak Greant by Sebastian Bergmann.jpg
Greant at ZendCon 2006
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Evangelist, strategist, author, speaker
Employer Foo Associates
Known for Free software and open source advocacy

Zak Greant is an evangelist, strategist, author, and speaker active in free software and open source communities. He is based in Vancouver, Canada. Greant spends much of each year traveling to speak at user groups and conferences. After dropping out of high school and then cooking school, he learned PHP working on a site for a family business. This led to an obsession with free and open source software and the communities that surround them.[1]

Zak has been an active participant in many free software and open source communities, including PHP, MySQL, Mozilla, the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative.

He has previously worked for MySQL AB, Sxip Identity,[2] eZ Systems and Mozilla. He has also been the primary author on two books, and has contributed or edited many others.



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