Zakariya Khan Bahadur

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Zakariya Khan Bahadur
Died 1745.[1]
Father Abd-al-Samad Khan
Religion Islam
Military career
Allegiance Mughal Empire
Service/branch Subedar of Punjab
Rank Wali, Faujdar, Ispahsalar, Subedar
Battles/wars Mughal-Sikh Wars, Nader Shah's invasion of the Mughal Empire

Zakariya Khan Bahadur, (d.1745) was the Mughal Empire's viceroy of Lahore from 1726, succeeding his father, Abdus Samad Khan Bahadur, in the post. He continued and extended his father's policy of severe persecution of Sikhs, and thousands of Sikhs were killed during his period in the post.[2][3] Khan was given control of Sialkot by Persian Emperor Nader Shah during his invasion of the Mughal Empire in 1738 in return for annual tribute payments to the Persian crown.[4]

Mughal Army commander Abdus Samad Khan Bahadur (father of Zakariya Khan Bahadur) being received by emperor Jahandar Shah.

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