Zakatali Okrug

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Zakatali Okrug (English)
  • Закатальский округ(Modern Russian)
Gubernias del Caucaso - Okrug de Zakatali - Imperio Ruso.png
Zaqatala coat of Arms.jpg
Coat of Arms
Established 1859
Political status Okrug
Region Caucasus
Area 4,033.5 verst²
Population (1886 census)
 • Total 74449
 • Density 18.5 inhab. / verst²

The Zakatali Okrug was an okrug (district) of the Russian Empire. It roughly corresponded to most of present-day Balakan, Zaqatala and Qax regions in Azerbaijan. It was created out of the territories of the former Free Jamaats of Jar-Balakan and had a special status of a military administrative unit.


As of 1897, 84,224 people populated the oblast. Avars constituted the majority of the population. Azerbaijanis were the second largest ethnicity. Significant minorities consisted of Georgians (including the Ingiloy) and Dargins.

Ethnic groups in 1897[1][edit]

TOTAL 84,224 100%
Avars 31,670 37,6%
Azerbaijanis 28,950 34,4%
Georgians 12,389 14,7%

After dissolution of Russian Empire, it was firstly part of Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic between 1917 and 1918, laterly Democratic Republic of Georgia between 1918 and 1921 and finally Georgian SSR before passing to Azerbaijan SSR in 1922.