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Zakhar (Russian: Захар) is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Zakhar Arzamastsev (born 1992), Russian ice hockey player
  • Zakhar Bron (born 1947), Russian violinist and violin pedagogue of Jewish descent
  • Zakhar Chernyshyov (1722–1784), Russian Field Marshal in charge of the College of War from 1763 to 1774
  • Zakhar Dubensky (born 1978), association football midfielder from Russia
  • Zakhar Kalashov, notorious gangster and thief in law in the Russian-Georgian Mafia
  • Zakhar May (born 1969), modern Russian musician, author of many hits
  • Zakhar Pashutin (born 1974), Russian professional basketball coach and former player
  • Zakhar Prilepin (born 1975), Russian writer, political dissident, member of Russia's unregistered National Bolshevik Party since 1996

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