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Zakho FC logo.png
Full name Zakho Football Club
Founded 1987; 29 years ago (1987)
Ground Zakho International Stadium
Ground Capacity 20,000
Chairman Iraq Abdul-Jabar Saif Al-Deen
Manager Romania Marin Ion
League Iraqi Premier League
2015–16 Iraqi Premier League, 9th
Current season

Zakho Football Club (Kurdish: یانا زاخو یا وه‌رزشی‎‎ / Yana Zaxo ya Werzişî) is a sports club based in Zakho, Dohuk, Iraq. They are playing in the Iraqi Premier League.

Zakho FC's biggest rivals are also their neighbours Duhok SC, always producing the most passionate and fierce matches every season, with whom they contest the Duhok Derby.


Football in Zakho was played from the early 1920s where many local teams were playing football as well schools competitions were held in zakho or nearby districts which eventually led to forming the first ever football team in Zakho in 1948 made up mainly from workers and young men.


In 1986 the management team of the Zakho Youth sporting center which consisted of president Yousef dawad jabo as well as members: Ali Omran,Bashar Rahmallah,Khaled Hussein,Neshan Kerob,Khalat Ramadan and Khwaste Furman,came up with the idea of starting Zakho football club to replace the sporting center or to be a part of it.According to the National Olympic Committee of Iraq one of the requirements for the creation of the club was that there was to be actual participation of the sport center in sports competitions for at least a year before the club could be registered. So the sporting committee set up teams for different age groups and started having different Friendly Matches.

Regional Championship[edit]

In 1986 Zakho competed in a regional tournament in duhok under the name of Zakho Youth Center against Duhok Police,Duhok Youth Center,Duhok students, Duhok SC. Zakho went on to win the competition after defeating all the participants. Defeating Duhok FC on penalties.In addition to the regional tournament that the club achieved,they also found success in other sports such as Basketball,Wrestling,Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding which improved there bid significantly. And on June the 3rd 1987 the club was officially established.

Debut season[edit]

Since the club's inception in 1987 the club did not participate in any competition mandated by the Iraqi FA until 1990 for various reasons.where they participated in the 1990/91 Third division where they were in the Northern group alongside At-Ta'mim club,Serwan club,Alkarma, and Qurqosh. Each team would play home and away where the winner would go to the final of the 3rd league in which the winner would be promoted to the second division. Zakho would top the group with 15 points but the 1991 uprisings in Iraq led to the cancellation of the remainder of the Iraqi football calendar.

1991/92 season[edit]

The following season saw Zakho to return to sporting activities after head of the Olympic committee Udau Hussein guaranteed not to interfere with any Northern Iraqi sportsmen. Zakho were once again in the Northern group after being drawn with Duhok SC,Qurqosh,Al Karama, and Ta'lfar. Zakho topped the group after 5 wins and 3 draws and qualified to the final round.

In the final round Zakho were to play each of Samawa FC, The Neighborhood, and Al Hillah. The format was each team to play each other in a single-legged tie. Zakho won the group with 7 points and were crowned Iraqi Third Division champions and qualified to the second division.

Current Squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Iraq GK Monim Flayih
2 Iraq MF Mesroor Radhwan
5 Iraq DF Safa Jabbar
6 Iraq DF Deyar Yakhy
7 Iraq MF Raiber Muhammed
8 Iraq MF Honer Ahmed
12 Iraq MF Khaldoun Ibrahim
14 Romania FW Mihai Leca
15 Iraq MF Abbas Rehema
18 Iraq FW Salih Jaber
19 Iraq FW Ali Saad
20 Iraq DF Jassim Mohammad Haji
21 Iraq MF Broosh Jadir
22 Iraq GK Dalovan Mohammad
25 Iraq MF Sattar Yaseen
Iraq GK Osama Abdul Kareem
No. Position Player
Iraq DF Ammar Farhad
Iraq DF Fares Hasan
Iraq MF Ahmed Abbas
Iraq MF Akram Jassim
Iraq MF Ali Hasan Kamal
Iraq MF Hussein Abdul-Wahed
Iraq MF Jabir Shakir
Iraq MF Mohammed Saad
Iraq MF Nijarvan Shukri
Iraq MF Sahal Naim
Brazil FW Ricardo Allison
Libya FW Abdelsalam Elfaitory
Libya FW Salem Fathi Al Mesaltei
Iraq FW Samih Rustum
El Salvador MF Néstor Renderos
Iraq DF Saad Attiya


  • Iraqi 3rd Division
    • Winner 1991/92

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This is Zakho FC 2016, the Zakho FC of 2009 got broke because of problems in government (War) which left some of our players out as Fernando, Lukas, Abdul and Kenny. Our team is reconstructing and hopefully we earn the Championship on this year.