Zaki Rostom

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Zaki Rostom زكي رستم
Zaki rostom 2.jpg
Zaki Rostom
Born Zaki Moharram Mahmoud Rostom
(1903-03-05)March 5, 1903
Cairo, Egypt
Died 16 February 1972(1972-02-16) (aged 68)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Actor

Zaki Rostom (Arabic: زكي رستم‎‎) (1903–1972) Zaki Moharram Mahmoud Rostom was an Egyptian actor. A method actor known for portraying intimidating and often asocial villains, Rostom is regarded as an one of the influential and important actors of Egyptian cinema.

Zaki Rostom was born on March 5, 1903 to aristocratic family of prominent position in Egypt, where his father and grandfather were (Pashas) of Egypt, his father was appointed minister in the era of Khedive Ismail, and died when Zaki was still a young boy.

He was brought up by a friend of his father, Mustafa Najib, the father of the artist Suliman Najib (1892–1955), where a strong relationship started between him and some artists of the theater at that time, including the actor Abdul Warith Assar (1894–1982).

His hobby of acting started when he was a student in the baccalaureate; in 1924 he joined the National theater group, and in 1925 joined the Ramses theater group.

Rostom's best known roles include an aristocrat tyrant husband in the Egyptian adaptation of Anna Karenina; River of Love (1960), a powerful brutal landlord in Youssef Chahine's Struggle in the Valley (1954), a bully merchant opposite Farid Shawki in The Tough (1957), and a sneaky drug lord in Pier No. 5 (1957).

In his last 10 years of his life he suffered from hearing impairment and severe depression. He lived in isolation and spent his time reading until he suffered a heart attack and died on February 16 of 1972 at the age of 68 years.


  • Zeinab (1930) .... Hassam
  • Dahayat, El (1933)

... a.k.a. The Victims (International: English title)

  • Kaferi am khatiatak (1933)

... a.k.a. Pay for Your Sins (International: English title)

  • El-ittihâm (1934)

... a.k.a. The Accusation (International: English title)

  • Layla bint el sahara (1937)

... a.k.a. Leila, Daughter of the Desert (International: English title)

  • El-charid (1942)

... a.k.a. The Wanderer (International: English title)

  • El-muttahama (1942)

... a.k.a. The Suspect (International: English title)

  • Hadamat beyti (1943)

... a.k.a. I Ruined My House (International: English title)

  • Haza ganahu abi (1945)

... a.k.a. This Was My Father's Crime (International: English title)

  • Suq al-Soda', al- (1945) .... Abu Mahmud

... a.k.a. Black Market

  • El-hanim (1946)
  • Dahaya el madania (1946)

... a.k.a. Victims of Modernism (International: English title)

  • Ab, El (1947)

... a.k.a. The Father (International: English title)

  • Ghurub (1947)

... a.k.a. Sunset (International: English title)

  • Ana al maadi (1951)

... a.k.a. I Am the Past (International: English title)

  • Awladi (1952)

... a.k.a. My Children (International: English title)

  • Aisha (1953) .... Madbouli (the father)
  • Siraa Fil-Wadi (1954) .... Taher Pasha

... a.k.a. Struggle in the Valley ... a.k.a. The Blazing Sky ... a.k.a. The Blazing Sun

  • Hub wa demoue (1956)

... a.k.a. Love and Tears (International: English title)

  • Rasif rakam khamsa (1956)

... a.k.a. Platform No. 5 (International: English title)

... a.k.a. The Tough (International: English title)

  • Emraa fil tarik (1958)

... a.k.a. A Woman on the Road (International: English title)

  • Malak wa shaitan (1960)

... a.k.a. Angel and Devil (International: English title)

  • Aaz el habaieb (1961)

... a.k.a. I Want Love (International: English title)

  • Nahr el hub (1961) .... Taher Pasha

... a.k.a. The River of Love (International: English title)

  • Haram, El (1965)

... a.k.a. The Sin (International: English title)

  • Aguazet seif (1967) .... Farid

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