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Seal of the former municipality Zalk en Veecaten
Seal of the fiefdom Zalk en Veecaten

Zalk is a village on the South bank of the river IJssel in the municipality of Kampen in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It is situated just behind the winter Dike of the IJssel at Wilsum.

The village was part of the heerlijkheid (fiefdom) Zalk en Veecaten. After the creation of municipalities in 1813, the fiefdom was transformed to the municipality of Zalk en Veecaten. This municipality was incorporated in the municipality of IJsselmuiden in 1937 and has belonged to the municipality of Kampen since 2001.

Zalk is nationally known as the residence of Klazien uit Zalk (nl).

Coordinates: 52°31′N 6°01′E / 52.517°N 6.017°E / 52.517; 6.017