Zalmai Araa

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Zalmai Araa
Born Kabul, Afghanistan
Occupation singer, comedian, comedy writer
Nationality Afghanistan

Zalmai Araa (Dari:زلمی آرا) (also spelled as Zalmay Araa) is an Afghan singer and comedian.[1]


Zalmai Araa's performances are marked by singing, stand-up comedy shows and short comedic situations, all of which he carries without the aid of other participants. Often teaming with other singers, he has achieved renown around the world for his style of humor.[citation needed]

All his performances are nostalgic of his native Afghanistan. Initially, his jokes and comedic shows were full of humorous accounts and tales of people in Afghanistan. However, his recent work has focus on the problems and situations of exiled life for Americans that are originally from Afghanistan. He also uses sexual humor to entertain the audience.[citation needed] However he is also one of the best Afghan Comedian in Afghanistan.


  • 1998: Zalmai Araa (DVD)
  • 2004: Live in Concert (DVD)
  • 2007: Reyza Gul (DVD)


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