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Zalman (זלמן) is a Yiddish-language variant of Solomon. The name was common among East European Jews, and it still has usage in many Haredi and especially Hasidic communities all over the world. Some of the founders of modern Israel bore this name, including Zalman Shazar, the third Israeli president. Nowadays this is not a common name in the modern secular Israeli circles, being identified as a diaspora name.

Zalman is also used as a surname, and it is especially common in Israel and the United States.[1]

Other meanings[edit]

"Zalman" has been claimed by some to be etymologically related to the Pashtun name Zalmay (also spelled Zalmeh, Zalmie, and Zalmai), which is a male given name among the Pashtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The compound "Shneur Zalman" is common among people of Hasidic Chabad affiliation, derived from their founder Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

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