Zalman Gradowski

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Zalman Gradowski and his wife Sonia on their wedding day, ca. 1935

Zalman Gradowski or Chaim Zalman Gradowski (1910 – October 7, 1944) originally from Suwałki,[1] was a Polish Jewish prisoner of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp during the Holocaust in occupied Poland. He arrived in November 1942 aboard a Holocaust train from Kalabosin (see: Kiełbasin Sammellagger servicing Grodno Ghetto,[2] possible spelling error). After "selection" his family members perished. He was sent to work in the Sonderkommando slave labour unit.[3]

Secret diary[edit]

In order to bear witness for future generations, Gradowski wrote a secret diary, describing his life and the camp. He buried his notebook in the camp as a time capsule. In it, Gradowski gave a detailed description of the extermination process in Birkenau. He was one of the key figures in the Sonderkommando underground at Auschwitz, where he was murdered in 1944.[3][4]


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