Zamalek disaster

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Zamalek disaster
Date 17 February 1974 (1974-02-17)
Location Zamalek Stadium, Cairo, Egypt
Coordinates 30°3′31″N 31°12′13″E / 30.05861°N 31.20361°E / 30.05861; 31.20361Coordinates: 30°3′31″N 31°12′13″E / 30.05861°N 31.20361°E / 30.05861; 31.20361
Cause Crowd crush
Deaths at least 48
Non-fatal injuries 50

The Zamalek disaster occurred on 17 February 1974 when fans were crushed before a football friendly match at the Zamalek Stadium in Cairo between Zamalek SC of Egypt and Dukla Prague of Czechoslovakia.[1]

The total death toll is reported variously as 48,[1] 49,[2][3] or 50;[4] 50 more were injured during this event.[2]

Following a change of venue for the match, many supporters thought they would not be able to enter the newly chosen stadium, as the previously intended venue, Nasser Stadium, was much larger.[2] There was a stampede,[1][5] the walls crumbled,[4] and many people were left dead. According to reports, up to 80,000 people tried to access the stadium, despite the capacity at the time being just 40,000.[6]


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