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Zamanfou, also known as "ochaderfismos" (Greek "Ωχαδερφισμός") is a counterculture phenomenon in Greece which involves social loafing as its principal characteristic.[1]


The term is derived from the French phrase "je m'en fous" (foutre). The French expression Je m'en fous became known by the Greeks before World War II, when the French language was the most common foreign language in Greece. It was later adopted into everyday slang vocabulary, with Greek spelling and pronunciation. It is roughly equivalent to the English 'I don't care'.

The sister-term "ohaderfismos" derives from the Greek phrase "oh brother!" (ωχ αδερφέ!).


Although Zamanfou might be considered a social phenomenon in Greece, it is no different from Social loafing, as this appears in other cultures or epochs.

Zamanfou in popular culture[edit]

  • "Zamanfou" is the title of a Greek song of Sakis Boulas.
  • "Zamanfou" is the title of a Greek Hip Hop song of the rapper Eisvoleas.
  • "Zamanfou" was the title of a Greek TV show by Annita Pania
  • "Zamanfou" is the title of a Greek Hip Hop song of the rapper Taraxias featuring Sakis Boulas & Vasia Patrikarea (new version of the Sakis Boulas' song).

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