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Industry Food, clothing
Headquarters Zambia
Products Meat, dairy, eggs, animal feed, leather
Number of employees

According to its website, Zambeef is the largest beef producer in Zambia.[1] The company also provides feedlot services, and manufactures milk, chicken, eggs, leather and shoes. The company operates a fast food restaurant chain and a trucking company, including a fleet of refrigerated trucks. Zambeef grows crops, including wheat, maize, lucerne and soybeans, grows feed, and operates feed processing plants. Its subsidiaries include Master Meats Production Company, of Nigeria.[2] The company's export business is active, especially throughout southern Africa.

'Zambeef claims to have a good Corporate Social Responsibility programme, since 2007 it has supported the African football social enterprise Alive & Kicking, giving it space on its Zamleather site as well as start up contributions.[3]

Zambeef is listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of over US$70 million.[4]



  • Slaughters 60,000 cattle per year
  • Produces 8 million liters of milk per year
  • Processes 3.5 million chickens per year
  • Produces 20 million eggs per year
  • Produces 120 million tons of feed per
  • Processes 90,000 hides per year
  • Operates over 80 retail butcheries
  • Operates the in-store meat departments of the Shoprite supermarket chain

Zambeef brands include:

  • Zambeef
  • Zamchick
  • Zamchick Egg
  • Zamchick Inns
  • Zam Milk
  • Zamsip
  • Zamleather Limited
  • Zamshu


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