Zambia Congress of Trade Unions

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Zambia Congress of Trade Unions logo.png
Full name Zambia Congress of Trade Unions
Founded 1966
Affiliation ITUC
Key people Nkole Chishimba, president
Cosmas Mukuka, Secretary General
Office location Lusaka, Zambia
Country Zambia

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is the dominant central trade union federation in Zambia. ZCTU was founded in 1964.[1] The ZCTU was created by the government to replace the former United Trade Union Congress.[1] It has 33 affiliated unions.

Frederick Chiluba was Chairman-General of ZCTU 1974-1991.[1] From 1991 to 2002, the president was Mr Fackson Shamenda. From October 2002 to 20th December 2014, the president was Leonard Choongo Hikaumba. From 2008 to 20th December 2014, the Secretary General was Roy Mwaba. Currently, the president is Nkole Chishimba while the Secretary General is Cosmas Mukuka.

The ZCTU is affiliated to the International Trade Union Confederation.


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