2001 Zambian general election

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2001 Zambian general election

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  Levy Mwanawasa.jpg Blank.png
Nominee Levy Mwanawasa Anderson Mazoka
Popular vote 506,694 472,697
Percentage 29.15% 27.20%

2001 Zambia Presidential Election Results by Constituency.svg

President before election

Frederick Chiluba

Elected President

Levy Mwanawasa

General elections were held in Zambia on 27 December 2001 to elect a President and National Assembly. The result was a victory for the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, which won 69 of the 150 National Assembly seats and whose candidate, Levy Mwanawasa, won the presidential vote.

The results of the elections were disputed by main opposition parties, including the United Party for National Development, which many observers claimed had won the elections.[1] Both domestic and international election monitors cited serious irregularities with the campaign and election, including vote rigging, flawed voter registration, unequal and biased media coverage, and the MMD's improper use of state resources. In January 2002, three opposition candidates petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn Mwanawasa's victory. While the court agreed that the poll was flawed, it ruled in February 2005 that the irregularities did not affect the results and declined the petition.[2]



Levy MwanawasaMovement for Multiparty Democracy506,69429.15
Anderson MazokaUnited Party for National Development472,69727.20
Christon TemboForum for Democracy and Development228,86113.17
Tilyenji KaundaUnited National Independence Party175,89810.12
Godfrey MiyandaHeritage Party140,6788.09
Benjamin MwilaZambia Republican Party85,4724.92
Michael SataPatriotic Front59,1723.40
Nevers MumbaNational Citizens' Coalition38,8602.24
Gwendoline KonieSocial Democratic Party10,2530.59
Inonge Mbikusita-LewanikaAgenda for Zambia9,8820.57
Yobert K. ShamapandeNational Leadership for Development9,4810.55
Valid votes1,737,94898.39
Invalid/blank votes28,4081.61
Total votes1,766,356100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,604,76167.81
Source: EISA

National Assembly[edit]

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy490,68028.0269–62
United Party for National Development416,23623.7749New
Forum for Democracy and Development272,81715.5812New
United National Independence Party185,53510.5913+13
Heritage Party132,3117.554New
Zambia Republican Party97,0105.541New
Patriotic Front49,3622.821New
National Citizens' Coalition35,6322.030New
Zambia Alliance for Progress3,9630.230–2
National Leadership for Development3,1550.180New
Agenda for Zambia2,8320.160–2
National Party1,2280.070–5
Social Democratic Party8090.050New
Liberal Progressive Front1750.0100
Zambia United Development Party1380.010New
Democratic Party1150.010New
Zambia Progressive Party190.000New
Presidential appointees80
Appointed speaker10
Valid votes1,751,35298.09
Invalid/blank votes34,1331.91
Total votes1,785,485100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,604,76168.55
Source: EISA

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