Zamora, Miranda

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Municipio Zamora
Location in Miranda
Location in Miranda
Country  Venezuela
State Miranda
Shiretown Guatire
 • Mayor Thais Oquendo (PSUV)
 • Total 378 km2 (146 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 218,911
 • Density 580/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
Time zone VST (UTC-4:30)
Area code(s) 0212
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Zamora is one of the 21 municipalities (municipios) that makes up the Venezuelan state of Miranda and, according to a 2016 population estimate by the National Institute of Statistics of Venezuela, the municipality has a population of 218,911.[1] The town of Guatire is the administrative centre of the Zamora Municipality.[2] The municipality is one of several named "Zamora Municipality" for the 19th century Venezuelan soldier Ezequiel Zamora.


The region was historically an agricultural area that cultivated various export products. The population of Guatire has increased rapidly in recent years as an east suburb of Caracas.


The municipality's northern border, separating it from Vargas, is the east part of the Costa (or Caribe) Mountain Range, while the lower Caraballo Ridge comprises its southern border. Grande River (also called Guarenas River or Caucagua River) runs from the west to the southeast. Guatire, the municipality's shire town, is located near the western border.


The Zamora Municipality, according to a 2016 population estimate by the National Institute of Statistics of Venezuela, has a population of 218,911 (up from 164,726 in 2000). This amounts to 6.6% of the state's population.[3] The municipality's population density is 502.46 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,301.4/sq mi).[4]


The mayor of the Zamora Municipality is Solamey Blanco Sojo, elected on October 31, 2004 with 29% of the vote.[5] He replaced Gerardo Rojas shortly after the elections.[6] The municipality is divided into two parishes; Guatire and Bolívar.[2]


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