Zamora River

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This article is about the river in Spain. For the rivers in Romania, see Zamora River (Jiu) and Zamora River (Prahova).

Coordinates: 4°00′00″S 78°52′12″W / 4.000°S 78.87°W / -4.000; -78.87

Zamora River
Basin countries Ecuador Ecuador

The Zamora River (Spanish: Río Zamora) is a tributary of the Santiago River located in the south-east of Ecuador. Historically, it was known to the Spanish as Yaya Mayu ("Father River"[verification needed]), from the river's name among a group of Shuar encountered nearby.

The sources of the Zamora River are in the Podocarpus National Park, specifically at the Nudo de Cajanuma. The river then descends towards the city of Loja. It crosses the provinces of Loja, Zamora-Chinchipe (wherein lies the city of Zamora) and Morona-Santiago, where it empties into the Santiago.


The Zamora is the dominant river in SE Ecuador and has many tributaries, perhaps the source of its native name[verification needed]. The most significant ones are:

Loja Province

Zamora-Chinchipe province

Morona-Santiago province