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Zamua (also Mazamua) was an ancient Pre-Iranic kingdom, corresponding with the earlier kingdom of Lullubi,[1] which stretched from lake Urmia to the upper reaches of the Diyala River, roughly corresponding with the modern Sulaimania governorate (still called Zamua/Zamwa by the Kurds) in Iraqi Kurdistan. It was centered at Sharazur plain. Ameka and Arashtua were two southern Zamuan kingdoms. A Nasiku bearing the name of Nur Adad was a Zamuan leader who launched a failed resistance against Assyrian domination. Its inhabitants was most probably related the Gutians living east and south of Zamua, and the Hurrians living northwest of the Kingdom.

Inner Zamua[edit]

The northern regions of Zamua (towards lake Urmia) were known as Inner Zamua. Ida was the most important state in Inner Zamua, with Nikdera one of its most important rulers.


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