Zana Khan District

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Zana Khan
زنه خان
Zana Khan is located in Afghanistan
Zana Khan
Zana Khan
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 33°41′N 68°40′E / 33.68°N 68.67°E / 33.68; 68.67
Country  Afghanistan
Province Ghazni Province
Population (2002)[2]
 • Total 12,230

Zana Khan district is a mountainous district in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan with more than 12,000 people living there (100% Pashtun).[2] The district center is Dado.

Continuing drought is the main problem as in the whole province. It seriously affects agriculture, the main source of income. Health and education services need serious improvement.


Land condition in 2002 found 20% of arable land in use.[2]

  • Main crops: wheat, alfalfa, maize and barley.
  • Animal husbandry: sheep, goats and cows.

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