Zanaetchiski Dom

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Zanaetchiski Dom
Занаетчиски Дом
Front side of the building
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical[1]
LocationNova Jugoslavija Square, Kumanovo, North Macedonia
Construction startedMarch 1930[2]
CompletedNovember 21, 1930[3]
InauguratedNovember 21, 1930
ClientFoundation of Craftsmen of Kumanovo
OwnerKumanovo Municipality
Design and construction
ArchitectVladimir Antonov[4]

Zanaetchiski Dom (Macedonian: Занаетчиски Дом) is a building in Kumanovo, North Macedonia.


Last reconstruction was in 1983.[5]

Interior reconstruction of the Main Hall was completed on 30 December 2016.[6] The cost was 18 Million MKD and it was provided by Centre for Development of the Northeast Region and Kumanovo Municipality.[7] Previously the Main Hall was the "Cinema Napredok" that stopped working in the mid 90's The Hall was out of function until 2016 reconstruction.[8][9]

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