Zandvoorde, Zonnebeke

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Coordinates: 50°48′46″N 2°58′52″E / 50.81278°N 2.98111°E / 50.81278; 2.98111Coordinates: 50°48′46″N 2°58′52″E / 50.81278°N 2.98111°E / 50.81278; 2.98111
Country Belgium
Province  West Flanders
Municipality Zonnebeke
 • Total 6.68 km2 (2.58 sq mi)
Population (1999)
 • Total 474
  Source: NIS
Postal code 8980

Zandvoorde is a village in the Belgian province of West Flanders and a part (deelgemeente) of the municipality of Zonnebeke. Zandvoorde is a rural village, in the rolling landscape of the southern part of the province.

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Old listings of the place date back to 1102, as Sanfort. "Sant" refers to sand (in modern Dutch: zand), "fort" refers to Ford (in modern Dutch: voorde), a shallow crossing in a watercourse.

The village was completely destroyed during World War I.



  • In the north of the province of West Flanders, there's another village with the name Zandvoorde, a part of the city of Oostende