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Rassi covering the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet with E! News

Zanna Roberts Rassi is British born, New York-based fashion, beauty and entertainment journalist and businesswoman. She is a co-founder of Milk Makeup[1][2] and currently the Fashion-Editor-at-Large for Marie Claire, E! News fashion correspondent, Today Show fashion contributor, and consults for the American retail chain Target[3][4] as a fashion stylist, along with brands such as Adidas[5] and Victoria's Secret.[6]


Rassi interviews A-list celebs[7][8] and is part of the E! Live from the Red Carpet team covering the Met Gala,[9][10][11] Oscars,[12][13][14] Golden Globes,[15] E! People's Choice Awards[16] and Emmy Awards.[17] She also hosts E! News coverage twice a year throughout NYFW.[18][19][20][21] In her role as a contributor on the Today Show, Roberts Rassi hosts style segments,[22][23] red carpet recaps,[24] and also travelled to cover the 2018 Royal Wedding.[25]

Her on-camera presence has made her a sought-after mentor, judge, stylist, and host on such properties as Project Runway All Stars,[26] Glam Masters,[27] E!’s Just 1 Thing, and her mini-series, Commuter Beauty.[28]

Rassi co-founded the cosmetics company Milk Makeup in 2016 with her husband Mazdack Rassi, Dianna Ruth and Georgie Greville.[29][30] The brand is cruelty-free, paraben-free and 100% vegan.[31] Styled as clean, cool beauty the brand has won multiple awards including Allures Best of Beauty[32] and Teen Vogue Beauty Game Changers.

Personal life[edit]

Rassi lives in New York City with her husband Mazdack Rassi,[33] and together they have twin girls Rumi and Juno.[34]


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