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Madonna of Humility with Two Musician Angels, Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Zanobi Strozzi (17 November 1412 - 6 December 1468) was an Italian painter and manuscript illuminator. He was one of the top pupils of Fra Angelico.


He was born in Florence, into the prominent Strozzi family. From 1434 to 1439 he painted a panel for a partition of the church of Sant'Egidio, Rome, probably the Madonna and Child with Four Angels' today at the Museum of San Marco in Florence. In 1438, he married Nanna Francesco Strozzi and moved into a new house in Fiesole. Around 1440 he completed his only signed painting, an Annunciation for the church of San Miniato al Monte, now in the National Gallery in London. Vasari, in the biography of Fra Angelico, named him one of the most faithful followers of the style of the Dominican friar, who had probably met him in the thirties at San Domenico.

He also collaborated with Francesco Pesellino and Domenico di Michelino. As an illuminator, he was responsible for development of several choir books for the church of San Marco, carried out between 1446 and 1454.

Around 1460 the Medici commissioned him an altarpiece for the church of San Girolamo in Fiesole, sponsored by the family due to its proximity to their villa. The work is now in the Musée du Petit Palais, Avignon.

In 1463, in collaboration with Francesco di Antonio del Chierico, he helped illuminate a choir-book of the Cathedral of Florence, now in the Laurentian Library (Nos. 149, 150, 151).


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