Zanzibar Musical Club

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Zanzibar Musical Club
Directed by Philippe Gasnier
Patrice Nezan
Produced by Les Films du Présent
Eikon Südwest ZDF/Arte 24images
Le Mans TV
Screenplay by Philippe Gasnier
Patrice Nezan
Music by Zein l'Abdin
Makame Faki
Bi Kidude
The Culture Musical Club
Cinematography Samuel Dravet
Edited by Tatjana Jankovic
Nicolas Joly
Release date
Running time
52 minutes / 85 minutes
Country France

Zanzibar Musical Club is a 2009 documentary film.


At sunset in the streets of the old town, the musical clubs of Zanzibar buzz with the joyful sounds of Taarab, the music of Zanzibar, whose style reflects two millenniums of cultural exchange and the island's location at the crossroads of the spice route. Vehicle of cultural identity and living tradition, the performance of Taarab is intrinsically linked to both the ceremonial and everyday life of the island. Its gentle rhythms accompany the listener on every step of his road, from the most solemn to the most blissful moments.