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Zaostrog (Croatian pronunciation: [zâostroːg]) is a tourist town and harbor along the Adriatic Sea in southern Dalmatia, Croatia. It is located between Makarska and Ploče.[1] It consists of two parts, an older part below a steep limestone section of the Biokovo mountain range, and a newer coastal zone. Olive growing is prominent in the area.

Dominating the village for more than half a millennium is the old Franciscan monastery of St Mary,[2][3] which has an open museum, ethnological collection, gallery and a large library with over 30,000 titles, a significant part of the older Croatian literature.[citation needed]

Brother Andrija Kačić Miošić, known as "The Old Man Milovan", spent part of his creative life in Zaostro. He is one of the most prominent Croatian folk poets.[4] Zaostrog was called "Ostrog" in the Middle Ages and was one of the larger towns of the Narentines.

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Coordinates: 43°08′30″N 17°16′45″E / 43.14167°N 17.27917°E / 43.14167; 17.27917