Zaporizhia Governorate

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Zaporizhia Governorate
Запорізька губернія
Governorate of Ukrainian SSR


Capital Zaporizhia (Aleksandrovsk)
 •  Tavria Okruha liquidation April 16, 1920
 •  merged into Yekaterinoslav Governorate October 21, 1922

Zaporizhia Governorate was a territorial division or gubernia of the Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine) that was created in April 1920. The new guberniya was temporarily established in place of the Tavria Okruha.

Soon after the Ukrainian SSR joined the Soviet Union, the guberniya was merged into the Yekaterinoslav Governorate.


  • Berdyansk County
  • Henichensk County
  • Hulyai Pole County
  • Velykyi Tokmak County
  • Oleksandrivsk County