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Zaporozhye State Medical University (ZSMU) is a medical university in the city of Zaporizhia, Ukraine.


Zaporozhye State Medical University, one of the oldest medical higher institutions of Ukraine, is a self-governing (autonomous) state higher educational establishment of the IVth (the top) level of accreditation. The University became an international higher institution long ago. In 1973 the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens was opened. More than 3,5 thousand students have been trained for their further studies on the medical-biological specialties in the other higher educational establishments of Ukraine since then.[1]


At present Zaporozhye State Medical University consists of:

  • 5 academic buildings, 20 clinics, 5 students' hostels for 2900 students, 2 canteens, a cafe, the library with more than 580.000 books, a concert hall.
  • At present there are 42 computer classrooms at the University providing students with educational programs based on the multimedia technologies and test controlling courses in the main subjects.
  • There is a unique sport complex with three gyms, a stadium with a football field, track-and-field sectors, sports grounds for handball, mini-football, volleyball, basketball, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a shooting-range, a chess-and-draughts club, a fitness-club.
  • The territory of the University is of 12 hectares of park zone, which is situated on the picturesque bank of the river Dnieper and make the campus convenient and comfortable.
  • The University has its own a preventive-treatment dispensary and a sport-health resort on the seaside of the Azov sea.[2]

Faculty and staff[edit]

At 52 chairs about 70 professors and doctors of science, about 300 assistant-professors and candidates of science, the academicians of native Academies, Honorary workers of science and engineering, Honorary workers of higher institutions of Ukraine, State prize winners are engaged in pedagogical and scientific-research work. The total number of teachers with scientific degrees is above 81,3%. At many chairs their total number is 100%.[3]

Department Academic status Head of the department
Cardiology school of Academician of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences,Doctor of medical science Professor Visir A.D
The pharmaceutical school Professor Mazur I.A.
The surgery school of Honorary worker of science and engineering Professor Nikonenko A.S.

Training fields[edit]

The system of training at Zaporozhye State Medical University includes the premedical, medical and post-diploma period of training.The premedical education is provided at the preparatory department for foreign citizens, which is the oldest one in the countries of CIS. It is the center of foreign students' training for further studies in other higher educational establishments of Ukraine. The training of foreign students and their specializations is carried out at two departments: medical and pharmaceutical. At the Medical faculty the training is provided in the following specialties:

  • General Medicine. Qualification: MD Physician. Training term - 10 years.
  • Pediatrics. Qualification: Physician. Training term - 6 years.
  • Laboratory diagnostics. Qualification: Laboratory assistant bachelor. Training term 4 years.
  • Nursing. Qualification: Medical nurse bachelor. Training term 4 years. At the Pharmaceutical faculty students are trained for the specialties:
  • Pharmacy. Qualification: Pharmacist. Training term 1 year.
  • Technology of perfume-cosmetic preparations.Qualification: Pharmacist cosmetologist. Training term 5 years.[4]

Medical services[edit]

Medical obligatory insurance is $72 US.

Annually all students irrespective of their health have compulsory preventive check-ups and examinations and sick persons receive treatment both at the polyclinic and in the best clinics of the city.

The diagnostic complex is presented by a clinical biochemical laboratory, a functional diagnostic division, a room for endoscopic examination and X-ray room. The department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation fulfils an important work in the process of treatment. The consultative assistance is provided by the leading medical specialists of the Regional Clinical Hospital.

All students get a regular complex of preventive inoculations.

There is a medical unit on the territory of the University where students can get a qualified premedical and medical assistance in acute and urgent pathologic conditions. Qualified specialists - the University workers - give regular consultations here.

Student sanatorium-dispensary is situated in the campus, too. Students can take physiotherapy treatment here .[5]

Student life[edit]

At the preparatory department for foreign citizens, medical department, pharmaceutical department and also at the stage of post-diploma training more than 5000 thousand students, interns, holders of a master's degree, members of a course, members of clinical studies, post-graduate students, persons working for a Doctor's degree, among them 500 foreign citizens, are being trained.

The training is carried on the specialties: General medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy. The new specialties Laboratory diagnostics and Technology of perfumery and cosmetic preparations will be opened in the nearest future.[6]

The University has good sport facilities. There is a unique sport complex at the University. Not far from the academic buildings and student hostels there is a stadium with track and field athletic sectors,football field, sports grounds for handball, mini-football, volleyball, basketball.

Our University has three gyms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a shooting-range, a chess and draught club, a fitness club. Student's football matches take place regularly at the university. The best teachers of the university are in charge of all clubs and sport sections.

Studies on physical training go in accordance with academic curriculum for the 1-6 courses. There is a students' club at the university. Different circles of amateur activities for those who like to play musical instruments, sing and dance work there. There is a team of "Jolly and Quick-witted Club" which take part in the Ukrainian games of "JQC". Every year the festivals "Student's Autumn", "Hello, We Are Looking For Talents", many concerts and festivals are held at the university.[7]

Ranking and reputation[edit]

Zaporozhye State Medical University is ranked 11357 out of 20,000 universities in the world by Webometrics world university ranking and ranked at 8922 out of 11,000 universities in the world by 4icu world university ranking


  • Medicine Department
  • Pharmaceutical Department


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