Zaporizhzhia Pylon Triple

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Zaporizhia Pylon Triple

The Zaporizhia Pylon Triple[citation needed] is a set of two triples of 75 metre tall electricity pylons extending on 102m on the Dnieper River standing on a 27m rock in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. They are used for the transport of electricity generated at the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station over a span of 900 metres from Khortytsia Island to the east bank of Dnieper River. The two triples are an unofficial landmark of Zaporizhia.[citation needed]


The powerline crossing, which was one of the first of its kind in the former USSR, was built between 1930 and 1932 and consisted originally of 4 towers on both ends of the span interconnected by a gangway equipped a railing in a height of 63.5 metres (208 ft). In World War II both towers were destroyed or dismantled.

Between 1945 and 1949 the pylons were rebuilt using the old foundations. However, on each side of the span only three towers were rebuilt. The unused foundation, on which the fourth tower on Khortytsia Island stood, still exists.


Each pylon has a single crossarm designed to carry 6 conductors. However, only 4 conductors, two at the edge and two near the pylon, are installed there. From the middle of each crossbar, half a support structure runs down to the gangway. At this point on the underside of the gangway the insulator carrying the middle conductor is fixed.

Although the triple is capable of carrying 18 conductors for 6 150 kV-circuits, only 5 circuits use it at present. A sixth circuit runs parallel to the triple on a new tubular steel monopolar powerline tower.

All towers of both triples are painted red and white and equipped with a ladder.


47°51′13″N 35°4′41″E / 47.85361°N 35.07806°E / 47.85361; 35.07806

47°51′3″N 35°5′22″E / 47.85083°N 35.08944°E / 47.85083; 35.08944

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