Zaporizhzhia thermal power station

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Zaporizhzhia thermal power station
Запорожская ТЭС, Энергодар.jpg
Zaporizhzhia Thermal Power Station in May 2014
Zaporizhzhia thermal power station is located in Ukraine
Zaporizhzhia thermal power station
Location of Zaporizhzhia thermal power station in Ukraine
Country Ukraine
Location Enerhodar
Coordinates 47°30′31″N 34°37′32″E / 47.50861°N 34.62556°E / 47.50861; 34.62556Coordinates: 47°30′31″N 34°37′32″E / 47.50861°N 34.62556°E / 47.50861; 34.62556
Status Operational
Construction began 1971
Commission date 1972
Owner(s) Dniproenergo
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Secondary fuel Coal
Tertiary fuel Fuel oil
Power generation
Units operational 2 x 300 MW
2 x 325 MW
3 x 800 MW
Make and model TAGMET
Nameplate capacity 3,650 MW

Zaporizka DRES is a large thermal power plant (DRES) at Enerhodar in Ukraine. The Zaporizhzhia thermal power plant was built in the years 1971-1977. It has a 320 metres (1,050 ft) tall flue-gas stack, which is one of the tallest free-standing structures in Ukraine.

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