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Poster Zappatore 1980.jpeg
Directed byAlfonso Brescia
Written byAlfonso Brescia, Piero Regnoli
StarringMario Merola
Regina Bianchi
Music byEduardo Alfieri
Compagnia Produttori Cinematografici - Panda
Distributed byPanda
Release date
5 December 1980 (1980-12-05)
Running time
98 minutes

Zappatore is an Italian drama film directed by Alfonso Brescia and starring Mario Merola. The film was released in Italy on 5 December 1980.

It is the "cine-scripted" which received the highest grossing theaters, ranking the 60th place of the most successful films in Italy in the 1980/81 season.

The film is loosely based on the eponymous song, written by Libero Bovio and Albano.


Francesco Esposito and his wife Madeleine are two farmers who have bred Mario, their only child, with loving dedication. To do this study, we are also indebted to the lender in the country. The boy, meanwhile, has become a brilliant lawyer and Naples, where he moved for work, he met Nancy, the daughter of an industrialist Italian-American, and fell in love with, it sounds like a story with a happy ending except that Mario is ashamed of humble beginnings of his parents.


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