Zar Cave

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Zar Cave
Zar mağarası
Location Azerbaijan Kalbajar Rayon, Azerbaijan.

Zar cave (Azerbaijani: Zar mağarası) – is a cave and human inhabitation of the Stone Age (the Upper Paleolithic). It is located in the southern part of Zar village, Azerbaijan.[1][2]

A stand of primitive men in the cave was found during an archeological expedition in Kalbajar Rayon, 1981-1987. Many findings such as knives, arrowheads and combs were found during the excavations. Traces of dents on discovered boards indicate that they were used for milling wheat. These boards resemble analogous ones found in Tağlar Cave. It is considered that people living in those places belong to the same group. A lot of items made in Tağlar were also used in Zar.


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