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This is a list of characters from Robert Muchamore's CHERUB book series.


Active agents[edit]

These are agents who have been seen as active during any book in the series.

James Adams[edit]

Born James Robert Choke in 1991, in Tufnell Park, London. The protagonist, James suffers from anger management difficulties, often landing him in trouble. These anger management issues were what got him expelled from school in The Recruit, in which he is recruited into CHERUB following the death of his mother. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. He is said to be intelligent particularly at maths but being extremely lazy in school as well. He ends up dating Kerry again at the end of Brigands M.C., although he left a year before Kerry went to university in America and it was unclear whether their long-distance relationship would survive; Robert Muchamore later confirmed that it did. James Robert Choke had to change his name to James Robert Anthony Adams when he decided to join CHERUB at the beginning of The Recruit. He is the main character of all 12 CHERUB books. James's final mission is Shadow Wave. At the end of his CHERUB life, he returns to his "Choke" surname and switches his two forenames around, to become Robert James Choke. In Black Friday, he returns to campus to help train CHERUB agents, before helping Ethan Aramov to get information from Leonid. Following the death of Yosyp Kazakov on a mission, he is offered the vacant post of training instructor by chairwoman Zara Asker, eventually accepting and becoming a junior staff member, then eventually being promoted and becoming a mission controller by the end of New Guard.

Lauren Adams[edit]

Born Lauren Zoe Onions in 1994, in Tufnell Park, London. Lauren is James's half-sister and after the death of her mother, lives with her father Ronald Onions for a short time, until he is arrested for smuggling and assault; she is then recruited to CHERUB. She has accompanied her brother on missions in Maximum Security, Divine Madness, Man vs Beast, and Brigands M.C.. It is in Man vs Beast that she turns vegetarian, after seeing the cruelty suffered by animals used for laboratory tests. She goes on her first solo mission in the 7th book The Fall where she tries to help a young Russian girl called Anna who had been trafficked by Russian men but got separated and rescued. Lauren ends up being kidnapped by the men along with Anna and has to fight her way out. When she returns to campus she takes out her anger at what she saw on James but they reconcile later. She has an on/off boyfriend on campus, Greg "Rat" Rathbone, who she met on her second mission in Australia. They became simply friends again somewhere between The Fall and Mad Dogs but later dated each other again although they have an argument in Brigands M.C. Lauren eventually travels to live in Australia following her retirement from CHERUB and enters racing championships with partner Rat, excelling in the sport.

Kyle Blueman[edit]

Born 1989, somewhere in the United Kingdom. A key character in the early stories, Kyle recruited James into CHERUB through sharing a room with him in the children's home James inhabits following the death of his mother. Kyle is renowned around campus for his unauthorized DVD business. It is revealed in Class A that Kyle is homosexual, and he gets his first boyfriend, Tom Carter, in Man vs Beast. Kyle expresses that while Tom is a target, that he believes that Tom is a good person at heart. He spends an afternoon with Tom in James's bed, and James finds a sock in his bed and displays displeasure. Kyle retired from campus in Mad Dogs, after he got kicked out by Zara for helping in a plot to stop Norman Large from maiming Meatball (he had a drunken heart attack on a camping exercise, with Lauren Adams being the only credible witness) He is James Adams' best and oldest friend; James describes him as his closest mate, although he could be a bit of an old woman sometimes.

Kerry Chang[edit]

Born Ling Chang in 1992, in Hong Kong. Kerry is recruited to CHERUB in 1998, after losing both her parents in an apartment block fire in 1995, and being found wandering the streets alone. Kerry is James's basic training partner, and they share an on/off romance between Class A and The Fall. In Class A, she accompanies James Adams, Kyle Blueman, and Nicole Eddison on the mission, posing as an adoptive sister. After breaking up with James in The Fall, she dates Bruce Norris; however, she still harbours some feelings for James in The Sleepwalker. In The General Kerry breaks up with Bruce in the very end. She ends up going out with James in the end of Brigands M.C.. At the end of Shadow Wave, Kerry gets accepted in Stanford University and, one year later, goes there with James. Kerry has an exceptional talent in martial arts and as James describes " a good all rounder in academics." In the final book, New Guard, it is revealed that her and James marry in October 2017, and are expecting a baby.

Greg "Rat" Rathbone[edit]

Born Rathbone Regan in 1994, Northern Territory, Australia. Rat's name was changed to Greg but everyone calls him Rat anyway. First appearing in Divine Madness, Rat was brought up under harsh physical conditions in the Australian Outback, as youngest son of the leader of a famous cult known as The Survivors. Rat is highly intelligent, although tests undertaken on CHERUB campus have failed to replicate the IQ of 197 that he claimed to possess while living in the Survivor's Ark. He secretly shares a relationship with Lauren, later telling everyone that they are going out in The Fall, but in Mad Dogs they decide to be "just friends". Rat is the main agent character in the story Dark Sun. It is also revealed in The Fall that he has bushy hair after Lauren claimed that she didn't want to go out with "a boy with a bird's nest mounted on its head". Rat and Lauren Adams have a relationship during The General.

Bruce Norris[edit]

Born Aled Thomas in 1992, in Prestatyn, Wales. He changed his name to Bruce Norris (Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris combined). James met Bruce when he had his martial arts test, and has since been on missions with him. Though he acts tough, he sleeps with a blue teddy bear (although he denies this whenever it is brought up by saying "it was on a shelf above my bed, and it fell"). He often talks of how much he enjoys brawls and James is often slightly concerned with how twisted Bruce can be toward violence. Kerry Chang (mentioned above)once broke Bruce's leg in seven places, and Bruce claims that it was broken in nine places. Bruce also fractured Kerry's kneecap in Class A. In Mad Dogs, he is seen to be going out with Kerry and this relationship is continued in The Sleepwalker and The General. However, the last line of The General mentions that Kerry and Bruce have had a row and had broken up. He later goes out with Bethany Parker and has sexual intercourse with her, but they break up, too. In Mad Dogs he goes with James in their mission to infiltrate the Mad Dogs football club and is given a black shirt by Zara for his outstanding performance. Retiring a year later than James from CHERUB service, he returns to the series in Black Friday along with James as a temporary CHERUB staff member, instructing agents in advanced driving maneuvers. He is seen once again in New Guard serving as temporary CHERUB staff member, and then assists James, Kerry, Lauren, Kyle and Ryan in an unauthorised black-ops rescue of two British hostages from Islamic State controlled Syria. Following the events of New Guard, Bruce continues a burgeoning relationship with agent Fu Ning when she retires from CHERUB. For starting a relationship with an active-duty agent and doing so as a CHERUB staff member, Bruce is permanently banned from any further employment by CHERUB and exiled from the organisation for three years, a sentence he describes as "totally worth it" in the epilogue.

Dana Smith[edit]

Born in 1990. Another agent who was James's girlfriend from The Fall to The General. Their relationship began while James was still involved with Kerry. From Australia, she is well built, curvy and has large breasts. She is a tomboy and often wears beat up, ripped clothing. She is also a bookworm, her favorite book being The Lord of the Rings. At one point she attempts to make James read it to no avail. She has an intense dislike for people who are of higher rank but younger than her.

She first featured in The Killing, and is one year older than James Adams and two years older than James's previous girlfriend, Kerry. They split up after she cheated on him with Michael Hendry (who she briefly dated for 4 weeks after the end of her 13-month relationship with James). At the time Michael was also in a relationship. She forgives James for having sex with mission contact Lois Thompson in Mad Dogs. She last appeared in Shadow Wave when she comes back to Chloe Blake's wedding. Following the events in Shadow Wave, she drops out of her art college course and works part-time in her Ugandan boyfriend's art gallery.

Dante Welsh[edit]

Born Dante Scott in 1994, in Salcombe, Devon. Dante made his first appearance in Brigands M.C.. According to Muchamore, he is the most important character introduction since Rat in Divine Madness. He joined CHERUB after his parents and all but one sibling, his sister Holly, were murdered by a biker gang, known as the Brigands Motorcycle Club. He rescues his eighteen-month-old sister Holly and they both escape. After two months, he was recruited to CHERUB with Lauren, and began training at the same time as her, completing it while she had to restart. Four years later he had spent the past 32 months on a mission in Belfast, enough to go straight from grey to black shirt (after Zara bent the rules slightly). He then went on a mission with Lauren and James in Brigands M.C. in which he infiltrates the biker gang that killed his family.

Amy Collins[edit]

Born Jennifer Amy Pegg in 1987, Prestwich, Greater Manchester, England. In 1988, her father and younger brother died in a blimp accident, and her mother died of throat cancer. Amy is physically strong and skilled in karate, judo and aikido. She excels at sports, especially swimming and diving. She is described as extremely beautiful.

Amy was in CHERUB from 1992-2005. In The Recruit, Amy was James's swimming instructor, and acted as his elder sister on his first mission. In Class A, she taught James computer hacking skills he needed during his mission. She retired from CHERUB after achieving six A-levels (four in foreign languages). She moved to Australia to live with her brother John, got a job as a security guard, then began studying Marine Biology at the University of Cairns in Australia. She also appeared in Divine Madness and Shadow Wave. She has also appeared in the Aramov trilogy. At the end of the trilogy, she transfers from her defunct posting with the CIA and enters service in the FBI.

Shakeel Dajani[edit]

Born Ahmed Shakeel in 1992, Egypt. Shakeel was on basic training with James and Kerry. His father was an asylum seeker from Egypt who died as a result of a heart attack. His friends on the CHERUB campus usually call him 'Shak'. He excels at team sports, especially rugby, which makes up for his underperformance in academic subjects by CHERUB standards. He is a good friend of James. He often makes sexist jokes which infuriates Kerry Chang to no end. Shakeel is described as having let himself go by James during New Guard, and now weighs in excess of 100 kilograms.

Nicole Eddison[edit]

Born Nikki Vandome in 1992, Tottenham, London, England. Nicole started basic training with James and Kerry, but dropped out on her first day, after being told she was too fat. She eventually completed basic training, but was permanently excluded from CHERUB after snorting cocaine in Class A, being resettled on a farm with a foster family. She has an intense disliking for old people, as her parents and two brothers were killed by a half-blind old man who ran them over but got away with it, because the authorities judged him not as aware of his actions. After the Government ran tests on him, it turned out that he could barely see past his own nose. Because of this, she views most elderly people in a negative light.

Michael Hendry[edit]

Born Jordan Lindsay in 1991, Ipswich. He first appeared in The Fall as Gabrielle O'Brien's boyfriend, and arguably his biggest role in any book was Mad Dogs, where he tried infiltrating a gang known as the Slasher Boys. Things went catastrophically wrong as Gabrielle got stabbed, but the mission carried on. He broke up with Gabrielle after cheating on her with Dana, James's girlfriend. He and James had a fight during a football match. Unlike Gabrielle, he isn't from the Caribbean, though could pass for it, as in Mad Dogs it says he was born and grew up in England.

Andy Lagan[edit]

Born Christopher Holmes in 1994, Salford, England. James makes him cry in The Killing by slapping him after his breakup with Kerry. He is later Rat's best friend, accompanying Rat in his mission in Dark Sun. He went out with Bethany before she dumped him for Bruce Norris.

David "Dave" Moss[edit]

Born David Rogers in 1988, Eastry, Kent, England. Dave is James's partner in Maximum Security and in The Killing. He is known as "one of the coolest guys on campus", having won all martial art competitions which he had entered, as well as having an exceptional success rate on missions. He is described as physically fit and good looking.

In the past he impregnated another member of CHERUB. He retired from CHERUB after The Killing, but makes a brief return in The Sleepwalker.

He is known for getting girls, having sex, and then treating them like dirt because he prefer relationships which last for a short time, not long-term, which has led to Kerry Chang labeling him a scumbag for doing so in his profile on the CHERUB website.

Gabrielle O'Brien[edit]

Born Gabrielle Ruthven in Jamaica in 1991. Gabrielle's parents had worked with CHERUB agents on previous missions until their death. Gabrielle is Kerry Chang's best friend and was on basic training with Kerry and James. In Mad Dogs, she almost dies after getting stabbed. She breaks up with her boyfriend Michael in The General when she discovers him cheating on her.

Bethany Parker[edit]

Born Elissa Bethany Paloma in Newcastle Under Lyme, England. Bethany is Lauren's best friend. James generally can't stand her, often to the annoyance of Lauren. Her brother is Jake Parker, and she obtains her navy shirt at the start of The Sleepwalker. Her parents died in a sightseeing helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in 2001. She is described as medium build with dark hair and green eyes, and she is also described as having massive jugs by Ronan Walsh in The General. In Shadow Wave, she was revealed to have had underage sex with Bruce Norris, a sixteen-year-old CHERUB agent. She is expelled from CHERUB for keeping in contact with a boy she met on a mission after it had ended, and now lives close to campus.

Jake Parker[edit]

Born Jacob Paloma in 1996, Newcastle Under Lyme, England. Jake is Bethany's younger brother, he accompanies Lauren on a mission in The Sleepwalker. His parents died in a sightseeing helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in 2001. Jake and Lauren have a long-standing rivalry, and usually Lauren threatens all sorts of things until another CHERUB member intervenes.

Connor Reilly[edit]

Born Connor Farnworth in 1993, Croydon, Greater London, England. His (and Callums) mother abused them before being barred from them. Connor is Callum Reilly's identical twin, and was on basic training with James and Kerry. He completed the training the first time, whereas Callum dropped out because of his fractured wrist after the basic training compound incident.

Callum Reilly[edit]

Born Callum Farnworth in 1993, Croydon, Surrey, England. Callum is Connor Reilly's identical twin, and was on basic training with James and Kerry. He had to drop out when he fractured his wrist, but completed training on his second attempt.

Kevin Sumner[edit]

Born Kevin Peterson in 1997, Farnborough, England. He has a fear of heights, but he is rather rambunctious at times. His fear of heights and his anger, along with James and Bruce, help him through the pressure in The Fall.

He also made a brief appearance in The General, sharing a room with Lauren, although the bullying Bruce and James gave him wasn't mentioned. He earned his navy shirt at the end of Shadow Wave.

Megan Sumner[edit]

Kevin's younger sister, she was born Megan Peterson on September 30, 2000. She lives on campus.


One of the CHERUB agents appearing in a couple of the novels. He is currently attending university but comes helps out on campus often, mainly for the training department. He has a very fit build. In The Recruit he and Paul helped James learn to swim.

Ryan Sharma[edit]

Ryan is the main character of the Aramov series. He is described as Arabic and handsome in appearance, and physically strong (like all CHERUBs). He wears a navy T-shirt. His father worked in the oil industry as a geologist. After drinking and gambling problems led him into debt, he was found dead under some rubbish. Sharma's mother brought Ryan and his brothers to the UK in 2009, bluffing her way into a private cancer treatment program. She was kicked out when she could not pay and died shortly afterwards. Ryan is selected to go undercover in the Aramov organisation by befriending Ethan Aramov. During the mission, events resulted in the death of Ethan's family by rival Aramov factions within the group, and although the mission was terminated following the disappearance of Ethan to the Middle East, Ryan maintains contact with him for CHERUB and his follow-up missions against the Aramov clan become one of CHERUB's biggest assignments in history. Falling in love with contact Natalka during the Aramov mission, Ryan pines for her even after his return to the UK, and following his retirement from CHERUB in 2017, he is helped by James Adams to find her, resuming their relationship from where they left off three years before.

Fu Ning[edit]

Ning was adopted by Choaxiang and Ingrid from an orphanage in Dandong when she was young. She was sent to Miss Xu's boarders and attended Dandong Lower School Number 18. When Ning was 11, Choaxiang was arrested for corruption and human trafficking. Although Choaxiang's fate wasn't mentioned in the end, newspapers Ning reads claim he was facing the death penalty. Police searched for Ning's mother, Ingrid, who was also involved, but they escaped to Kyrgyzstan. They were caught by a clan called Aramov who wanted their wealth. Ingrid was strangled but Ning escaped after an Aramov employee named Dan pitied her and took her home. Following this, Ning escaped to Britain through a truck smuggling immigrants, and after working in a sandwich factory and nearly being deported by the UK government, CHERUB and TFU agent Amy Collins intercepts Ning on her deportation flight to China and instead debriefs her on her experience, and introduces her to CHERUB. Ning then goes on to become a CHERUB agent and serves for five years, before on her last major assignment meeting and falling in love with ex-agent Bruce Norris, who sets her up with a gap year in Thailand where she teaches in a dojo and resumes her relationship with Bruce.

Alfie DeBossion[edit]

Alfie is CHERUB agent of French origin, and is described as tall and blonde. He is also good friends with agents Ryan Sharma and Max Black

Past agents[edit]

These are agents who have not been seen as active during any book in the series, and have not been staff during any book in the series.

Millie Kentner[edit]

Born in 1971, she served as a CHERUB agent from 1981-1988 retiring with a black shirt and eleven missions with her role in the 1985 miner's strike being described as "one of the most outstanding performances by a CHERUB agent, ever." Now works for the Metropolitan Police, but sometimes calls in favours from CHERUB.

Jennifer Mitchum[edit]

She was recruited to CHERUB after her parents died in a gas explosion. She helped to recruit both James and Lauren Adams and Dante Welsh. She currently works for Nebraska house, recommending suitable recruits.


These are staff who been seen as in the employ of CHERUB for any book in the series, but not seen as an active agent in any book in the series.

Dr Terence "Mac" McAfferty[edit]

Born Terence Henderson in 1941, in Ayrshire, Scotland, he is the son of Charles Henderson, CHERUB's founder. He was chairman of CHERUB from 1993 until at the end of Man vs Beast, when he retires at age 65 and Zara Asker is promoted in his place. He was a CHERUB agent from 1950 to 1959, during which time he took part in 19 missions. He returns in The Sleepwalker after his wife, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren are killed when their plane crashes, where he accompanies Lauren Adams and Jake Parker in their mission. At the end of the novel he adopts Fahim Bin Hassam, the son of the mission's main suspect, who was killed in a shootout with the police.

Zara Asker[edit]

Born Jacqueline Oxford in 1970, Telford, Shropshire, she became chairwoman of CHERUB after the retirement of Dr. McAfferty in July 2006. She married Ewart Asker in 2001 and has three children, Joshua, Tiffany, and Jonah. She was a CHERUB agent between 1978 (aged 8) and 1988, and earned a black shirt in 1984, becoming one of the youngest agents to do so. She is known as a motherly figure, but can dish out harsh punishment when necessary. Her parents died in a plane crash over the Amazon when she was a toddler. She lived with her grandfather until he died of a heart attack in 1977. She is appointed chairwoman of CHERUB after Mac retired at the end of Man vs Beast. Zara serves in this post for a decade before stepping down and taking on a part-time role as CHERUB's disclipnarian for severe breaches of CHERUB policy in New Guard.

Meryl Spencer[edit]

She was born in 1968, in Kenya. Athletics coach at CHERUB and James's handler. Although she won a Gold Medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, she was never a CHERUB agent. She becomes the head handler for child welfare on CHERUB campus during Shadow Wave.

Ewart Asker[edit]

He was born Ewart St Clair-Fitzsimmons in 1976, in Freetown, Rhodesia. Mission Controller at CHERUB. Married to Zara Asker in 2001 and has three children, Joshua, Tiffany, and Jonah. CHERUB agent from 1986 (aged 10) to 1993. Earned black shirt after 22 successful missions, earned navy shirt after exaggerating his report on a mission with George Pike. His life is saved by James and Dana in The Fall. He asks James to be Joshua's godfather in The Sleepwalker. Following the departure of wife Zara from the role of CHERUB chairperson, Ewart is appointed shortly before New Guard. Although Ewart has the appearance of a laid-back guy in loose jeans and trainers, he is one of CHERUB's strictest staff members.

John Jones[edit]

He was born in 1957, in Bexley, London. He worked in police force, before moving to MI5, and then later accepting a job at CHERUB as a Mission Controller in 2004. Was never a CHERUB agent, and frequently works with James and Lauren on their missions.

Chloe Blake[edit]

She was born Chloe Hoffman in 1981, Dover, Kent. Joined CHERUB in 1993 after the death of her grandmother. Earned a black shirt after 16 reasonably successful missions. Joined CHERUB as an Assistant Mission Controller in 2004 to work alongside John Jones. Promoted to Mission Controller in 2006. In Shadow Wave Chloe marries Isaac, a red shirt carer.

Norman Large[edit]

He was born as Norman Eric in 1963, in Luton, Bedfordshire, and joined CHERUB in 1970 (aged 7) along with his brother and two sisters after both his parents died in a house fire. He retired in 1976 (aged 13) after only 8 missions due to him already being 6 ft 2in and unable to pose unnoticed as a child. Finished schooling at Eton College and London School of Economics. Worked in the army as Officer Cadet of the Parachute Regiment, where he won a bravery medal after the Gulf War. He later worked as an SAS Training Officer, before he rejoined CHERUB as Physical Education instructor in 1996 and was promoted to head of basic training in 2000. In Class A he developed a grudge against Lauren Adams for hitting him in the back with a shovel, which caused him to fall into a hole during Lauren's first attempt at basic training. As a result, in 2006 he was demoted to regular training officer following disciplinary action concerning his bullying towards Lauren Adams. Large lives with his partner Gareth Brooks, an accountant, adopting a daughter together, Hayley, in 2002. After blackmailing Lauren in Mad Dogs, threatening to kill the Chairwoman's dog and a drunken incident in The Fall, Large was forced to resign from CHERUB, after which he moved away and got a job as a security guard. He is also the father of Aron.[1]

George Pike[edit]

He was born Angus Carr in 1976, in Glasgow. Joined CHERUB in 1980 (aged 4), passing basic training in 1986. He retired from CHERUB in 1993 and went on to study Military History at the University of Western Australia. In 1996 he joined the Royal Australian Air Force and served as a cargo pilot, although later returned to Britain and rejoined CHERUB as a training instructor. Has a partner and two daughters, Megan and Matilda, born in 1999 and 2003 respectively. He also has a dislike of Ewart Asker. He hated Ewart because when they were agents, Ewart agreed to write Pike's mission account for him after the two completed a mission. Ewart made himself seem perfect while implying George made a lot of mistakes, resulting in Ewart getting a navy shirt while George was chastised.

Yosyp Kazakov[edit]

He was born in 1959 in Berdyansk, Ukraine. Joined the Soviet Army in 1977 and fought two tours of duty. He was awarded two medals for valiant conduct and transferred to Spetsnaz special forces unit. He served on numerous operations with Russian special forces and spent time working as both a training instructor and on diplomatic protection duties. After retiring from the Russian army, Kazakov was recruited by NATO to consult on Russian military training. He was then a training advisor for British special forces and the security services and joined CHERUB as a training instructor in 2007. He has a key part in The General as he is the team leader in the main training exercise. It is also known that he hates the United States because they supplied the missile that killed his brother. He is often mistaken for a Russian, much to his dislike. At the end of The General he and James go into two casinos and win almost $100,000 at blackjack using a card-counting technique. Kazakov dies in "Black Friday" when the warehouse in which he is being held hostage blows up. He is mourned at a funeral held on CHERUB campus later on in the book.

Jake McEwen[edit]

Known mostly by his last name, he is an ex-CHERUB agent with a violent temper and colourful vocabulary. He first appears in The Sleepwalker. He is described as terrifying and is allowed the odd trip off-campus whenever CHERUB wants to scare someone. He is reprimanded at the end of Brigands M.C. for head-butting a police officer. He has a small part in Brigands MC when he is brought in to force some information off two young Monster Bunch hopefuls.

Villains and targets by novel[edit]

The Recruit[edit]

Brian "Bungle" Evans is an American Help Earth terrorist who attempted to kill oil executives with the disease anthrax. He is a professor of microbiology. He is wanted for questioning in France, Holland, Venezuela, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Fire and World Dunn are twins who attempted to help kill oil executives and politicians using anthrax.

Class A[edit]

Keith Moore is Europe's biggest cocaine dealer, who, at his peak, had a fortune of £40 million. Although he hires young kids to deal cocaine, he wishes the best for his own children and tries to lead them away from drugs. He is defied by his son Junior who snorts cocaine. Keith runs the cocaine business through a boxing club with teens and close friends. He hides all his ill-earned money in overseas bank accounts, and at the end of Class A he sets up all his money for his children. Days before he was to escape as fugitive and run from the law, he is stopped by thugs from the Lambayeke drug cartel, his ex-cocaine supplier, who try to get his money.

Keith "Junior" Moore, Jr. is a drug addict, alcoholic, and delinquent who is the son of Keith Moore. At first he is shown mostly as a Brawn Bully type boy but later shows more heart. He is the reason for Nicole Eddison's dismissal from CHERUB when he provides her with cocaine to snort.

Maximum Security[edit]

Jane Oxford, born Jane Hammond, in 1950, in Hampshire, England, is the daughter of US Army logistics specialist Captain Marcus Hammond and his wife Frances. She used blanks from her father's office to smuggle weapons. When this stopped being as profitable, she started stealing the technology behind the weapons. She was arrested in connection with the theft of thirty-five PGSLM "Buddy" missiles in 2005, but no evidence was found linking her to them. Assets worth US$1.4 billion were uncovered in her name, far more than her modest lifestyle required. This means that she carried on her criminal activities purely for the thrill of it. She has one known son, Curtis Oxford.

Curtis Oxford was born in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. He was originally sentenced as an adult to life without parole in Arizona Maximum Security Prison for three counts of murder and escaped with James and Lauren. After his re-capture, he pleaded guilty in a youth court to four counts of the lesser charge of manslaughter, on the grounds that the murders he committed were a result of the inappropriate advice given by a corrupt psychiatrist. His sentence was reduced to 7 years in a medium security prison.

The Killing[edit]

Leon Tarasov is a Russian-born small-time criminal who was involved in a casino robbery and the subsequent murder of 18-year-old Will Clarke, which included bent cops such as Michael Patel and Alan Falco.

Michael Patel is an Asian policeman who was found guilty of murder and corruption.

Patricia Patel is the wife of police officer Michael.

Divine Madness[edit]

Barry Cox is an Australian ex-soldier with ties to Help Earth.

Brian "Bungle" Evans is a Help Earth terrorist seen in The Recruit.

Susie Regan is a supermodel and environmental activist.

Man vs Beast[edit]

Rhiannon Jules is a hardcore animal rights activist.

Vivian Carter is a hardcore animal rights activist.

The Fall[edit]

Denis Obidin is a corrupt oligarch who deals in illegal weapons. He has a frightening temper and has often said to have gone "over the top".

Vladmir Obidin is Denis' brother and the brutal head of police in Aero City.

Mad Dogs[edit]

Keith "Junior" Moore, Jr. is a drug addict, alcoholic, and delinquent seen in Class A.

Sasha Thompson is the leader of the vicious Mad Dogs crew.

Lois Thompson is the daughter of Sasha Thompson who has sex with James Adams.

DeShawn Andrews (Major Dee) is the leader of the Slasher Boys, one of several gangs involved in a bloody turf war that stretches from the outskirts of north London and as far north as Luton in Bedfordshire.

The Sleepwalker and Dark Sun[edit]

Hassam Bin Hassam is suspected of providing FCX (flight certification expired) parts for airplanes, and is killed near the end of The Sleepwalker by police.

Asif Bin Hassam is Hassam Bin Hassam's brother.

Kurt Lydon is a member of a nuclear organisation called Dark Sun.

The General[edit]

Chris Bradford is the leader of anarchist group SAG (Street Action Group).

Brigands M.C.[edit]

Ralph Donnington (The Führer) is the leader of the South Devon chapter of the Brigands Motorcycle Club. He is also found to be an illegal weapons dealer and is responsible for the murder of Dante's family.

Shadow Wave[edit]

Tan Abdullah is a corrupt Malaysian Defence Minister who commits suicide after his corruption is exposed.

Other characters[edit]

Ross Johnson[edit]

A police psychologist who looks after Dante for a while. He later becomes Chief of Police and calls in CHERUB to work against the Brigands.

Fahim McAfferty[edit]

Originally named Fahim Bin Hassam, Fahim is the son of Hassam Bin Hassam, a suspect in the crash of a jet airliner. He was adopted by former chairman Mac. He failed CHERUB entry tests due to talking in his sleep, to Lauren Adam's disappointment.

April Moore[edit]

First appears in Class A. She is Keith Moore's daughter and Junior Moore's twin sister. Nicole befriends her as per the mission and the two get along really well. She later becomes James's girlfriend (briefly) before being dumped in favor of Kerry. James's watch, which was with her, is crushed and sent back to him with a note "Hope you die slowly - April". She reappears in Mad Dogs briefly. She holds a grudge against James for dumping her when she was so infatuated by him. She is also worried about Junior as he is getting into a lot of trouble. She truly cares for Junior and Julie, her mother. She and her mother are saddened about the jailing of Junior Moore.


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