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Zaramo (Slavic: za ramo = with shoulders) is a popular shoulder-hold dance in the Republic of Macedonia and also in Northern Greece in the region around Florina, where people of Slavic heritage are the predominant population, as well as among Macedonian diaspora communities.

The dance begins with a step toward the center on the left foot while dragging the right foot forward. Men bring the right knee forward into a lift. Women lift the right leg only slightly off the ground. The lift is followed by a step-behind-step figure moving in the line of direction. In the Republic of Macedonia and its diaspora communities, when danced with a line of only men, the dance may evolve into a more difficult dance known as Teshkoto. In the Florina region of Greek Macedonia, Zaramo often segues directly into an up-tempo dance known as Hasapsko, in which men perform intricate, syncopated hops and steps danced almost in place. Although the Hasapsko is also called Hasaposerviko, the dance resembles the Serbian Usest, but traveling only to the right.

The name is in contrast to Zaraka (Slavic: with hands) one of several names (also known as Pravoto or Lesnoto) for a simple dance moving in the line of direction in which the arms are held in a W-position.


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