Zarb (missile)

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TypeSurface anti-ship missile cruise missile
Place of originPakistan
Service history
In service9 April 2016
Used byPakistan Navy

Transporter erector launcher (TEL)

The Zarb /zɑːrb/ (Urdu: ضرب) is a subsonic surface anti-ship cruise missile, currently in service with Pakistan Navy.[1][2]


The missile was successfully tested on 9 April 2016 from a coastal area and it successfully engaged its target in the Arabian sea. The missile was inducted into Pakistan's naval defense system soon after its successful test.[1][3] It was again tested in April 2018 during the "Sea Lion lll" exercise from an 8×8 transport-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle.[4]

According to Jane's Defence Weekly, the missile is likely a rebadged C-602, the export version of the Chinese YJ-62 missile.[5]


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