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Herb Zaremba.jpg
Battle cry Zaręba
Alternative names Zaręba, Zarębczyc
Earliest mention 1301
Towns Tuliszkow, Sławsk,[1] Jarocin, Zaręby
Families 85 names altogether: Belakowicz, Belakowski, Bielakowski, Bielawski, Bieliński, Bilewski, Borowy, Borzek, Boxycki, Brudzewski, Brzostkowski, Celiński, Cerekwicki, Cielecki, Cieliński, Cieluski, Czerejski, Czerekwicki, Czurlej, Drzewoszewski, Drzewuszewski, Figietty, Gastell, Gimel, Ginet, Ginett, Giniat, Głodzieński, Głoskowski, Godurowski, Godziacki, Golgin, Gorszewski, Gorzewski, Grabowski, Groszek, Gurzewski, Hadziacki, Himelreich, Illewicz, Illukiewicz, Jabłonowski, Jakowiecki, Jaraczeski, Jaraczewski, Jaraczowski, Jaskólecki, Jaskulecki, Jastrzębski, Jasuda, Jasudajtis, Jasudowicz, Jermoła, Kens, Kłobuszewski, Korzkiewski, Lubisiński, Magnuszewski, Mańkowski, Milowicz, Mysław, Noskowski, Noszkowski, Perłowski, Poburski, Pogrzybowski, Rudziański, Rudzieński, Rychwalski, Shkirpan, Szkirpan,Skrzyński, Skrzypiński, Skwarski, Słotowicz, Strzyński, Sucharzewski, Suchorzewski, Szczeniżewski, Tuliszkowski, Tymieniecki, Tyminiecki, Wielewcki, Zajączkowski, Zaremba, Zarembiński, Zarembski, Zaręba, Zarębiński, Zarębski

Zaremba is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta (noble) families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


The first historical record of the Zaremba Coat of Arms appears on the Bishop of Poznań's seal in 1301 CE. In the 12th Century, the Zaremba Clan itself founded the town and endowed the church of Tuliszkow.[2] Tuliszkow would become the seat of the Zaremba Clan and in 1450, Mikolaj Zaremba, castellan of Leczyca, built the St. Vitus Church, which still stands today.[3]

Zaremba Coat of Arms seen at the bottom of Bishop Andrzej's seal.
St. Vitus Church built by the Zaremba Clan in the 15th Century.
Zareby Church Coat of Arms.


Per fess or and gules, embattled. In chief a demi lion rampant issuant sable, langued gules. In base three golden bricks 2 and 1 garnished or. For a crest: out of a ducal coronet a lion as in the arms.

Notable bearers[edit]

Thomas II Zaremba Bishop of Wrocław, 13th Century

Marcin of Sławsko Lord High Steward of Kalisz, 14th Century

Andrzej Zaremba Bishop of Poznań, 14th Century

Jan Suchorzewski Nobleman, Politician, and Soldier (ca. 1740-1804)

Józef Zaremba Polish military commander and general of the 18th century.


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