Zargari Romani

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Native to Iran
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog zarg1238[1]

Zargari (or Romano) is a dialect of Balkan Romany, spoken in Zargar region (Abyek district) of the Qazvin Province of in Iran by the ethnic Zargari. The language can be found in surrounding regions as well.

The UCLA Language Materials Project describes Zargari (or Morghuli) as a Persian-based "secret language of artistans",[2] whereas the Ethnologue describes it as a dialect used by goldsmiths.[3]


Three= Derin

Eighteen= Oxdu

for me= Miri

for you= Diri

Fish= maču

Bed= Rom

Dress= God

Fox= Jӕqqӕlis

Donkey= Xerny

Night= Radi [4]

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