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Zarina may also refer to: Tsaritsa

Zarinaea, also referred to as Zaranya (meaning "the golden") (alternative spelling Zarina) was a Sacae woman, the sister of Cyraedus, and the wife of Marmares, ruler of the Parthians. She was noted for her beauty, wisdom, and her bravery, as Sacae women went into the field with men. When war broke out between the Medians and the Parthians and Sacae, she fought in battle and was wounded.[1] Ctesias related her story towards the end of the 5th century B.C.E. [2]

'Other references for "Zarina"'

Zarina, a titular character in The Pirate Fairy from Disney, who is seen walking a lot, or strolling because she saves her Pixie Dust for experiments, as opposed to flight, also bad and rogue, but also reforms.

Zarina Diyas

Zarina Wahab

Zarina Baloch

Zarina Gizikova

Zarina (artist)


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