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Zarubyntsi (Ukrainian: Зарубинці, Polish: Zarubińce) is a small village in Ukraine (formerly in Poland), situated 6–7 km from Zbarazh in the Ternopil Oblast. Population 653, cens 2001.[1] It is the constituent village of the Greek Catholic parish of Zarubińce, in the deanery of Zbarazh and it belongs to the Roman Catholic parish of Opryłowce.

Historic Information[edit]

In 1890 its total area was 657 Wlóka (One Wloka being 30 Morg – which was generally considered enough for 1 family; 1 morg being approximately 1.422 acres) under cultivation, 63 meadows and gardens, 10 pastures, and 233 Morg of woodlands. In 1890 there were also 75 houses, with 485 residents in the township with another 28 houses, occupied by 77 people situated on the estate. Of these, 431 were Greek Catholic, 121 Roman Catholic, and 10 Jewish. 431 villagers were Rusyns, 121 Poles and 10 were Germans.

In 1929, there existed one major land owner, a distillery, a stone quarry, a cart/wheelwright, a blacksmith, a tailors, a mill, an oil merchant, and a cobbler. The distillery still exists; currently named “Zarubyntsi Spirits Distillery”. There were also a few cooperatives including “Kólko Rolnicze” from which people could hire agricultural machinery as well as Buducznist and Pomiczt. The nearest amenities including post office, railway, and medic were all situated in Zbaraż. Isaak Altstädter was the largest proprietor in the village owning the majority of the industry as well as the manorial estate. In 1944 after the redrawing of European boundaries, Zarubince became part of the Soviet Union. After the break-up of the Soviet Union it became part of Ukraine.


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Coordinates: 49°41′31″N 25°41′26″E / 49.6919°N 25.6906°E / 49.6919; 25.6906