Central Sava Statistical Region

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Central Sava Statistical Region
Zasavska statistična regija
Statistical region
Central Sava Statistical Region in Slovenia.svg
Municipalities 3
Largest town Trbovlje
 • Total 264 km2 (102 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 45,547
 • Density 170/km2 (450/sq mi)
 • Households 18393
 • Employed 13854
 • Registered unemployed 2955
 • College/university students 2299
 • Regional GDP: EUR
(8 937 EUR per capita)

The Central Sava Statistical Region (Slovene: Zasavska statistična regija) is a statistical region in Slovenia. It lies in Central Slovenia, mostly to the north of the Sava River, encompassing mostly territory that was part of the Central Sava Valley area of the traditional regions of Upper Carniola and Lower Styria.

The largest town in the region is Trbovlje. It is the smallest of the twelve statistical regions of Slovenia, but second in terms of population density. Industrial activities include mining and quarrying. It is the region in Slovenia with the highest decrease in population, partly due to natural decrease and partly to a negative net migration rate. There is a relative lack of jobs and high unemployment.


The Central Sava Statistical Region comprises the following 3 municipalities:


The population in 2004 was 45,547. It has a total area of 264 km².


Employment structure: 45.2% services, 52% industry, 2.8% agriculture.


It attracts very few tourists with only 0.2% of the total number of tourists in Slovenia.


  • Length of motorways: 1 km
  • Length of other roads: 367 km


Coordinates: 46°09′00″N 14°58′00″E / 46.15000°N 14.96667°E / 46.15000; 14.96667